How do I know if my child has reflux?

Hey moms of babies with reflux! What does that look/sound like? My four-month-old spits up a lot occasionally, no weight gain issues or any health concerns but very occasionally (like maybe 4 or 5 times in 4 months) spits up and seems to aspirate, unable to get it out or take a breath for a moment. It’s scary and clearly scares her. I don’t recall this ever happening with my other babies. Is this just a normal newborn thing? Maybe I don’t remember? I’m bringing it up at her four months check up next week, just wanted to check in with other moms!


My daughter had reflux.
It was projectile vomiting after she fed. Every time.

Obviously not that concerned if you’re willing to wait :woman_facepalming:.

With my son he would spit up constantly. Projectile vomiting with every feed and often times after. Noticeable signs of discomfort. Lots of fussing and crying. It would always get worse if he was laying flat (we had to use a mattress wedge). Caused difficultly sleeping. Typically the 4-6 month mark is where you start to see improvement though. He had it really bad when he was first born, but now that he’s coming up on 5 months it’s gotten a lot better, which I’m told is very common

My sister law had a baby in daycare we had to put in baby seat sitting up to give them their bottle then when they were done had to wait for a while before u moved them or they would projectile

My son had reflux. He never spit up he just would get choked and had trouble swallowing. You could hear it as it came up and it would wake him up from a sleep. Prop the baby up for at least 30 minutes after feeding and add some cereal to thicken up the milk. Of course consult your Dr first :wink:

My 3 year old had it. Cleared up by 6 months. She was prescribed Zantac. She would projectile spit up out of her nose and mouth with every feeding even if it was a half to 1 oz at a time with burping in between on low flow nipples. She couldn’t tolerate breastmilk because no matter how bland my diet was it effected her. We had to keep her upright and baby wear her for relief. She thrived at tummy time because laying flat made it worse. We ended up having to go on added rice formula and Dr Brown bottles.

This happend to my baby she was a premie and one night we were asleep and I woke at of no where and I turned to check. On her and she wasn’t breathing she was struggling and I see the formula coming out her nose I hurried and got the bugger sucker and cleared her air way. And it continued to happen we took her to the hospital hoping to find answers but all they told us was she was fine just having blue spells but I wasn’t okay with that because they gave us no solution. it’s a scary situation that could of ended up in death if I didn’t catch it. We had specific formula for premises which was thicker then the usual formula.So once I changed the formula she had no more “blue spells”. It was a scariest part of being a new mom and I felt helpless not understanding what was going on. I hope you find your answers your family are in my prayers

I would keep track of the amounts they are eating so you can pinpoint triggers. Sometimes they just get too much at once. Babies do spit up but if it is interfering with breathing it should be discussed with the pediatrician.

My son had really bad reflux- rarely ever spit up but when he cried or got upset it came out like a geyser!! And he would aspirate , choke , cry then became hysterical. The docs thought it wasn’t reflux until we noticed he started holding his breath because the pain was so bad. Ended up getting him on meds, never changed feeding habits ( he was born at 36 weeks- so needed the weight) , co slept with him propped up on pillows, the docs stopped meds at 2 thinking he was better. Ended up he stoped eating ALL food but white food - found out he had burned his esophagus so bad from untreated reflux that he could only eat bland food. He to put him on stronger meds- still on it at 8. If you think there is something wrong- it probably is!! Good luck!!

When I took my son to a specialist at 5 months old, the Dr diagnosed reflux after looking at me… Cloth nappy always over shoulder to catch the spit up. For my son it was constant. Sonar confirmed and he was treated and we changed everything about how feeding goes and he’s now a bouncy 7 year old with no more reflux issues. I think your little one just swallows more air before feeding (my eldest used to do this weird little series of happy gasps when he saw the boob come out) and then the milk gets trapped above the air. I had to burp him before and after meals. :joy: now at 11 he does the happy gasps for pizza.

My son had reflux and it was an every feeding thing. Like every single feeding I would end up with at least half the bottle on my shoulder within a few minutes. If you are really concerned I would talk to pedi.

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My son projectile vomited within weeks of birth and it was basically with every feeding. He was exclusively breast fed and everyone told me babies just spit up and thought I was being dramatic. He had an ALTE episode and after going to the ER they confirmed he has reflux with an upper GI scan. It was so clear there was no denying it at that point. He was 8 weeks old and medication helped a lot. He outgrew it by 6 months.

My son had reflux. I remember the excessive spit up and the stench was something I’ve never smelled before.

I think that’s just occasional baby spit up. My older two had reflux and one was fixed with formula one had to have medicine but it was a daily most feeding times issue, not sporadic.

From 4-6 months they spit up WAY MORE it’s fine and normal! My daughter just turned 5 months today and her ped told me not to worry when she started to spit up a lot more than before!

My daughter spit up after almost every feeding when she had acid reflux. It would be the whole bottle spit back up. AR formula helped a ton.

My daughter did that the first month now at 3 months unless she over nurses she doesn’t spit up at all anymore

My baby has reflux. She would spit up after almost every feed, arches her back when it’s really bad, and makes her cry. We are on meds for it. She also has some weight gain issues.
I believe your baby is fine. It probably is scary for her because it isn’t normal especially if it’s super rare for her to spit up.

Yes, this is reflux. My baby has it too. Scary stuff at first. The Pediatrician said get a wedge pillow under the mattress to keep her head elevated when sleeping so she won’t choke. It’s working! Those moments are scary when they aspirate it, but they’ll grow out of it.