How do I know if my IUD is placed wrong?

Okay, mamas if you had any issues after placement of your IUD how did you know? Like when/where did you draw the line between regular discomfort and somethings wrong? And were you right about something being off, or we’re you crazy lol. I know y’all aren’t doctors, but I plan on calling OBGYN Office on Monday; I’m asking more for peace of mind and confirmation that this can wait for Monday or for y’all to tell me I’m stupid and need to go to the ER or something lol. This is not my first IUD, but everything is so different this time around than last time (7 years ago). I got it, the Mirena, in on the 20th and bled for a bit like maybe a week with some cramping (normal) could feel the strings though SO easily like they were almost hanging out of me (not normal?), but I couldn’t feel the IUD itself (normal), and now just today I’ve got some pretty light cramping, a bit of weird pressure when I sit, and I can no longer feel the strings, but I can feel the tip of the IUD…? (Not normal?) This BC is supposed to be temporary until Hubs can get a vasectomy, but because of rona, things are taking longer and also the window after the snip is done, we thought this would be our best option to just kinda keep us covered in the meantime since we are done-done having kids.

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Sounds like the strings need to be trimmed.

I have no clue about these things but I have heard horror stories. That’s why I chose the pill. DO NOT EVER do depo unless you want to get mad fat and have painful sex like I did

You probably can’t feel your strings anymore because they have coiled up by your cervix which is pretty normal. I couldn’t really feel my strings anymore after about 2 weeks and had them checked several times. They were fine. As for the cramping and pressure, I had that for the entire 5 years I had my Mirena. It doesn’t sound like you’re having any issues that need to be seen in the ER, but I would definitely call tomorrow to get peace of mind.

I just had this issue a few days ago. I went to my dr and they couldn’t see the strings. If you are sexually active it’s normal for the strings to just go inside but the iud still being placed correctly. I was having severe pain and discomfort come to find out it was an ovarian cyst that popped. If you go to the doctor they will do an ultrasound to make sure everything is okay

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Go talk to your OB and have them check placement

I never felt anything when I had my IUD

I think this is normal from my experience. I thought it was falling out when I got mine lol… But after abt a month or so I couldn’t feel it anymore.

I would remove it and have dr place another one on Monday! If it’s uncomfortable to sit it could be lodged somewhere it’s not supposed to ve

IUD’s can be different every time you get one. You could not have a period at all or spot constantly. You should have received the insert with things to look for with the IUD. You shouldn’t have straight pain and your partner shouldn’t feel he’s hitting something. Other than that everything else is normal. Remember it’s just temporary.