How do I know when my child is ready to potty train?

First-time mom here. When did you start potty training your lo and how did you know they were ready?


Waking up dry, telling you they went or need to go, they can pull up and down their own pants, they have the desire to learn

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When they start hiding to poop.

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All kids are different … i have 4 children and it varied for mine between 18 months and 3 yrs old

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I tried my boy at all different times between 18 months and 3 years. Just after he turned three, he got it straight away, very few accidents. I think it’s just a matter of when they are ready.

I started with my ``greatgrand sons 2 years old they done pretty good

I started my daughter at 18 months, she finally got it a week before her 3rd birthday. At first she thought it was a punishment so it took awhile lol

My son potty trained at almost 3 i started when he was 18 mths tho… My daughter potty trained herself… She would wake up dry around 16 mths so i switched to pull ups and sat her potty where she could see it also take her to the big girl potty then one day she woke up and said she didn’t wanna pee pee in her pull up no more so we switched to panties.

My son was two, and was starting to be dry after naps. Figured “why not try it and see what happens?” Got him fun underwear and showed him what “to do”. He was day and night trained in 3 days. Every child is different for sure!

My daughter never gave the signs. I tried at different times and it never worked. At 3.5 we talked about it and I just dived in. After a few days of consistency she got it.
For my son, I tried around 2 and he wasn’t ready. We stopped and at 2.5 he told me he wanted to go potty and he did great.

I am starting next week with my daughter who is almost 2. We are starting because she keeps telling me when she has gone in her diaper

My daughter started asking to get her diaper changed by telling me she went potty so we started last week and it went so much smoother this time (we tried a couple of months ago). My daughter will be 3 at the end of the month

You will notice drier nappies which shows a sign in your child being able to control their bladder a bit more. Talk to them like an adult don’t use nicknames for the toilet etc take them to the toilet and explain what we do etc you’ll be surprised how intelligent children really are

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Both of my boys were day dry before 2 and by 26 months night dry. They do not want wet diapers i did the hit the hit the target by putting a cheerio in the toilet…cut back liquids at 6pm…set them up for success

I started my daughter at 20 months but she wasn’t really ready until she’s 3yrs old. Every child is different & takes a lot of patience.

Put son around 18 months on potty chair in living room

I tried pushing with my oldest, but until he was ready, he just fought it. I didn’t push with my second kiddo and it went much smoother. I would introduce it every now and then and once he was ready, he was potty trained pretty quickly.

Honestly I waited until my son showed an interest in it. He was potty trained at 4 with only 1 week of showing him. He only had 1 accident. I’m trying to potty train my daughter who is 2 but she’s not showing any interest in it. So we’ll see how it goes fingers crossed. Goodluck mama!

My daughter was 3. She’d take her dirty Pull-Ups off, told me she needed to go potty and wasn’t scared of the toilet noises. I got her a potty chair at first, then a seat that nested in the toilets actual seat and a stool for her feet and so she could reach the sink.

Gosh I dont even remember ages cause my 3 oldest are 17, 15, 14. My 17 year old son when we lived in arizona when a toddler would go outside with the dog to go potty and the next thing I knew he wipped of his diaper and did his business next to him lol. It was a privacy fenced in yard so it was ok but still lol. He went everytime the dog did :joy:

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