How do I safetly introduce peanut butter to my baby?

Hello, It’s time to introduce peanut to my six-month-old, but we have a peanut allergy in the house. I’m looking for advice and tips on how to do this as safely as possible. As babies put everything in their mouths and touch everything, I’m super worried. Has anyone been in this situation, and how did you handle it?


I would suggest To bring peanut butter with you on your babies next pediatrician appt and give your baby a little bit to try with a spoon while you’re there , just in case your baby is allergic you are already at the drs , and they can look for signs of allergies .


Definitely at an allergist office. My sons pediatrician office doesnt keep epi pens on site. And for someone so young it would be an epi pen jr not a regular one. My son has a severe nut allergy.

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Look things up on Google there are many things out now that are baby approved with peanuts in it

There is an actual group called Peanuts for Baby that focuses on introduction when there is an allergy already in the house.

I was always told to wait till they are 1

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Our allergist told us to get this peanut butter puffs called Bamba to introduce peanut to our baby, and a friend told me if I was scared to do it in the ER parking lot just in case she develops an allergy. Thankfully she isn’t allergic to peanuts.

My pediatrician said to use that pb2 powder and put small amounts in my babys babyfood that will keep him from getting a peanut allergy , my baby is 7 ms I haven’t tried it yet but he said to do it before 8 ms.

My son has such a severe reaction to peanuts he’s 3 and the dr said NEVER to give my 1 yr old it. Just assume she has it. Consult ur allergist first plz :pleading_face:

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I was so scared to give my daughter peanut butter so I waited til she was a year and a half and I did a little bit at a time til I knew she wasn’t allergic now she loves peanut butter crackers

I don’t live far from the er so I just gave it to my little girl one day.

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idk I mean with both my kids I just kinda gave them some. Along with shell fish. Your baby could literally be allergic to ANYTHING.

Talk with the doc. But the sooner the better. I baby led wean so I introduced all that at 5/6 months. I think the new reccomendation is 4-6 months for high allergy introduction😀

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Generally when you come to introduce food to you baby always always try small amount. Babies can be allergic to anything even things are not known in the family, so you give your baby a little amount wait foe two hours and give more so if you get reaction then it won’t be bad. The more amount you give the more severe reaction you get. Also try one food at the time every 2 days try new food. Good luck

My son’s father has some food related allergies/intolerances so when it came to introducing peanuts or shell fish, I took a little bit and rubbed it on the back of my son’s hand. I watched for a reaction and if after about 5 minutes or so there was no sign of a reaction I let him eat some.


I gave my son a oeanutbutter cookie. And my daughter just a little bit of peanut butter just incase she had a reaction and waited a few days. When she didn’t have a reaction I gave a bit more til I was sure she sent allergic

Make sure it’s just a little bit…I gave my then 2 years old a spoon of it and his body was immediately blistering in front of me then his throat swelled up and he collapsed he now is 11 and won’t eat any type of nut xx

I gave my boys peanut bugger for the first time in the ER parking lot.


Put small amount on his wrist in the inside most sensitive place and see if he gets a rash


I mixed peanut butter into my daughters oatmeal. It’s better to introduce it earlier then later in the off chance they’re allergic. If you’re worried about contamination just make sure everything is washed right away. Counters are cleaned ASAP. And don’t let baby anywhere without either a bath or a wiped down excessively. And then right away make sure the high chair is wiped down as intensely as possible then rewash sinks and counters and either throw out the sponge you used to clean everything or wash the cloth in the washing machine ASAP