How do I start potty training?

Tips on how to potty train a 2 and a half year old? She knows when she pees and poops. And will come to us and asked to get changed. I’ve tried sitting her on the potty every 15 minutes but will still pee in her pull up when she gets off. Tried rewards. Need some advice! We are gonna try this weekend to get her potty trained


I’m having the same problem with my son it’s so fustrating.

I’ve heard put them in underwear, you will have a lot of accidents but they will slowly understand they need to go in the toilet and not in their pants

Straight to undies or commando.

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I did the commando method and it worked for us. My daughter will be 4 and is completely potty trained during the daytime. She is not yet ready for night time training. Every baby is different

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Just got consistent. Try moving potty seat in living room let her run around in underwear. Do sticker chart or reward. Just stay at 15minutes for now. Just takes alot time and patience. Dont punish or fuss when she has accidents. My granddaughter is 4yrs still has accidents. She did better just going to panties when stopped pull ups all together except at night for little while

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I planned about 3 days when we would not be leaving the house. I put panties on my daughter and kept lots of towels nearby. We had the potty in the living room and she sat on it every 30 minutes. It was messy, but it worked. She quickly learned that she didn’t like being messy and figured out when she needed to go to the potty. She will be 3 next month and other than a slight regression for about a month during a transition, she has been fully potty trained for over 6 months. We also started with a sticker chart that she loved! Once she got 10 stickers for going to the potty, she got to pick out a toy. We also NEVER reprimanded her for any accidents, always told her it was okay (and that accidents happen!). Best of luck! <3

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Naked time. The dress without undies. Then dress with undies. Then easy to pull down pants.

Get rid of the pull ups during the day. Get undies as a pull up is just a different kind of diaper. She won’t like the wet feeling of the undies and with my daughter I did undies and leggings. She was completely potty trained by 2 and when she was 2 yrs 3 months we did disney with absolutely no accidents . Me personally I wouldn’t do the commando because they can’t run around naked when you’re not at home

She may not be ready yet. My oldest is 3 and it took 3 different times. The last time, she took to it. I put her in pull ups, let her run around in pull ups and a shirt,she got a sucker as a reward, i bought her favorite underwear. After a week i told her she was going to big girl underwear and if she had an accident it was back to pull ups. B

Get rid of the pull ups. Underwear only

I had the same problem with my daughter she wasnt potty trained til she was almost 3. We did pull ups for almost a year. I took her to the store let her pick out her own big girl panties. She peed in them once and screamed bloody murder cuz she didnt like the feeling of the pee running down her legs. She went to the potty every time after that with no problem

Dry erase markers and turn them backwards so they can color on the lid and it will distract them while they go. Wipe off when done…

My daughter loves stickers. I used those. And put her into underwear. Now that her sister is here, she started back Tracking a bit. But by a year and a half she was potty trained. She has accidents. But she normally waits until the last minute to let me know when she has to pee.

Put her in underwear not pull ups it’ll be messy but works better. Try to take 3 days in underwear not going anywhere get her a little potty and put it where you spend most of the time put her on it every 20 mins

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I swear by the old farmer’s almanac

My youngest did that, I actually didn’t get her potty trained until a few weeks before she started kindergarten. She was able to hold it through the night and not wet her diaper but would not use the potty. I finally bought her underwear stopped buying diapers/pull ups and she wore only underwear. Once she realized that we weren’t putting diapers on her anymore she started using the potty. I realized that she thought she was going to miss something if she had to go potty so she didn’t want to use the potty. But once she realized that it took longer for her to get cleaned up after she peed all over herself she started using the potty. My oldest potty trained herself with a singing potty, she was so excited to make it sing that every time she had to pee she wanted to use her potty. Just be patient, all little ones are different. Based on the fact that she waits until you put the pull up on to go shows she knows the difference. Good luck!

I never used pull ups went straight to undies. My daughter was never interested in the potty so we went straight to toilet. We made s sticker chart and made a big deal when she used toilet.

Straight to undies with my 2 and a half year old got her some stickers or her favorite character and a potty chart and taped it up right next to the potty. Every time she went she got to pick a sticker and put it on the chart herself she loves it.

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Stop !
You just have to continue changing until she is ready
She is clearly saying, not yet.