How do I tell a woman her husband is cheating?

If it’s been 25 years I doubt she doesnt already know unfortunately. She probably just doesnt want to believe it.


Id say she already knows if its been 25 years daaannngggg!!!


Uh ur mom needs to step up and that cheating liar bastard. I would tell the lady. But you need to make sure u hv proof and tell her you didn’t know what to do and u thought she should know. I would want to know.

Oh that’s just opening a door you don’t want to open. Unless it’s directly effecting your life you don’t need to spill the beans. To much drama and no one needs that in their life :woman_facepalming:t2:

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I tried telling someone once that their bf was cheating on them because I know if I was being cheated on, I would want to know. She thanked me for telling her but ending up not confronting him about it and stayed with him. They then bought a house together and he still continues to cheat. She has been told by others about it as well but does nothing about it…poor self esteem I’m assuming. At least she knows and can do what she wants with the info :slight_smile:

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They know about each other lmao

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Can’t believe how many people are saying to stay out of it lol
I wouldnt want to look like a fool, definitely spill the beans asap


She knows. Mind your business lol


25 years? I’d bet good $ she already knows


Your mums a home wrecker & id be telling that poor woman, God knows what her husband has given her

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Via text…so you can get screen shots…to share the tea with us


Get proof, send that shit, spill it right out. End it there and walk away.

How do you know she already knows. I don’t thinkbit is your place to say. It’s between the husband, wife and loosely your mother. Stay out of it. Sucks but don’t do it.

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Id be ashamed to even admit I knew my mum was sleeping with a married man for 25yr!! Dirty trollop


My first question, does your mom know he’s married?

Why any of you would be ok with sharing someone else’s man or allowing it to happen, baffles me🤦 if your best friend or loved one was with a man who was taken and she didn’t know, nor the other woman knew and you did, you’d be ok with them being deceived? Or what if it were you who were with a man, not knowing you were the other woman? Smh

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Are you close with that woman? Are you doing it out of loyalty or hate? Different reasons call for different answers.

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Mail her proof anonymously then stay out of it


You are all a bunch of liars. If my husband was cheating on me… Which in the end he was… I would have wanted someone… ANYONE to come up to me with evidence that he was!! And so would you. As the wife, yes you have little suspicions, but you want to believe your spouse and make up all of the excuses in the world for them and Give them the benefit of the doubt.


So ur mom is okay with this man cheating on his wife n ur mom :woman_facepalming:

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I beg to differ I was the wife. Ironically we’ve been together 25 years. I can only tell you I was grateful to find out. It actually set me free from a narcissistic relationship. Never been happier in my life to find out the truth about anything