How do I tell if being constantly fatigued is concerning or normal?

I’m a mom of 2 under 2 (20 months & 5 months old), and I’m a full-time mom. Within the past month, I’m constantly overly tired. Like, falling asleep at 7:30 pm on the couch tired and nodding off at work tired. I’ve never experienced this kind of tired before (not even in my stay-up-all-night college bender days). My kids are GOOD, I get 9-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep (thank god for a good spouse), and I still can’t seem to shake this constant tiredness. I’ve never had any health issues, even while pregnant. Is this still my hormones getting back to normal? Should I see a doctor? Or is this just the new way of life with two kids so close in age?


Get tested for sleep apnea!!!

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I would call your primary care. Let them do labs and make sure everything is up to par.

Could you be pregnant again? This is how I felt the entire first trimester.

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Low iron? I get super tired when my iron is low.

Get your thyroid checked


I would have your iron checked. I have a friend who has 3 babies (3,2,9 months) and it don’t matter if she sleeps for 18 hours a day anytime she sits down she is falling asleep and the dr’s hasn’t found a solution yet. They also think she could have infection in her body somewhere which they are trying to find because her blood level is too low as well.

Have you got your iron levels checked ?

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It could an iron deficiency. I have had this issue. Even though I was getting enough sleep and stuff, I was just always fatigued. Its best to call ur doctor.

Get your iron checked I was low on iron after I had my daughter and that’s how I felt. Try eating more wic cereals and see it that helps


Take some vitamins esp iron. Also get some labs for thyroid

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I think being quite exhausted comes with the mom territory; even with good sleep, being the mother if 2 under 2 must be exhausting on a subconscious level.

However… you know your body. If something doesn’t feel right, go get some blood work done. It could be anything from thyroid issues to something brewing. Listen to your body.

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Defo get a blood test

I was super tired like that and turns out I was super low in vitamin d

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Could be your thyroid. I’d definitely talk to the doc. Never hurts to ask.

Are you breast feeding? I was super tired when I did

I used to sleep 12hours+ a day and still feel like i didn’t sleep. Went to see my doctor and found out i have hypothyroidism

Get a check up, but realize you have 2 babies. You May not be sleeping soundly. They could be rousing you from your sleep without actually be waking up.

Get iron and thyroid checked babies take a lot of iron from mom :heart:


Get that thyroid checked girl!