How do the courts decide on child support?

Can you post it? Me and my ex (father of our child) had broken up when our daughter was two weeks old now she is six months old and due to money tightness on his end he is going to apply for child support which I’m perfectly fine with I’m an involve mom meaning that I stuck around which is more than what I could say about my own mother so I am more than willing to pay child support but my question is how do they do this do they go by my income or do the courts decide the amount on their own he has full custody by the way due to her being so young when we broke up we 100% agreed that she needs to be with the father that young but I do see her weekends and pay for everything that she needs while she is with me so will they take child support even though I pay for her when she is with me or do they add money to that amount for me to give directly to him thanks for your answers we just want to know how it is done


Every state is different

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There is usually a formula the court uses to calculate how much child support will be based on what they deem it takes to support the child and the income amounts of both parents. It may vary state to state. There are usually calculators online if you do a Google search for your state.


Its all income based here in cali … i have full custody of my youngest his dad had never paid for anything (he is getting better) but because he was unemployed so he was ordered to pay the min … less then $20 a month

Each state is different but the basic of it is they will take your income and look at it versus his income and they will award the receiving parent with an appropriate amount. The basic guidelines is to alot/ give about 35% of your monthly income to the parent whom needs the support


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Try a child support calculator … it all depends on what state you reside in. Each state has their own rules & guidelines.

In Indiana they can take up to 55% of your living wage for child support. Each state is different, though.

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There is a formula that is used… you can usually go to the state child support website and most of them have a calculator where you can get a general idea, the more accurate the info you have the more accurate the estimate is.

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There is a calculator they use to come up with the amount it’s different by each state. Google child support calculator “name of your state”

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Each state is different, but you CAN also keep it out of the courts entirely and set up a payment plan that works for both of you and have a lawyer draw up paperwork and get it notarized. That’s what my ex and I do. He needs things for our daughter he tells me and I get it or whatever he needs for her. We’ve kept it 8 years out of the court system.

Each state is different but normally for one child it 15 to 25 percent of your income but again the percentage will depend on your state…

Its a formula . Google child support calculator it will give a ROUGH idea

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Depends on state. NY is 17% for one child and they look at both incomes

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Every state is different it’s best to look up the laws in your area

NY state is 17 percent per child before taxes.

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