How do you balance motherhood and housework?

I’m a mother of one. Like so many finding a way to balance mommyhood, work, and home is the ultimate question. My girl is 2 now and on the go all day, and I’m finding more often than not if I want to get anything done around the house, it means only getting 3 hrs of sleep or sometimes less. I’m looking for advice or ways to get things done without feeling like I’m neglecting to spend time with her. I’m afraid to step away for a few minutes, even with cameras and not being more than 15 to 20 ft from her. I completely understand it’s not healthy or rational to be so constantly scared. I know if I want to continue being a good parent, I need to figure out how to control this, so it doesn’t affect her. She is my miracle baby, due to severe health issues, I don’t have the opportunity to ever try again, and even when the smallest things happen to like if she trips and falls while playing, my anxiety goes through the roof. Does anyone deal with this kind of thing? Or am I just crazy? Thanks for reading.


My house always looks like crap but being with my kids are more important it’s not dirty just toys everywhere clothes and maybe a pile of dishes I get what I can get done first thing in the morning then try to keep up during day


You’re doing great momma, every mom with that age of kids going through the exact same

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Fist off we’re all crazy. Especially with the first baby and even more if that’s your only miracle :gift_heart: you will eventually figure it out!!! Letting some things go is what I’ve tried to do. My friends think I have a cleaning disorder :rofl: I swear to you it gets easier !!! Keep living in the moment bc it goes by way too fast !!!

Even if you try and tackle a few things for 10 minutes like do a few dishes, tidy the kitchen as you go? Would you have a support network anyone could take her for an hour even or would anyone help you in the house while you look after her? I do a few things when my daughter is in bed and if I’m up earlier than her do a few things then too. The house can always wait, your child will only be little once. Read another story, play for another 10 minutes. Your doing a great job :smiley:

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Definitely not over worried :sparkling_heart: with my first I was a nervous wreck on the inside :sweat_smile:
When my husband joined the military and we moved away from family, i found that including my daughter in the cleaning and everything around the house was the best solution! She’s 3 now and STILL helps me load the washer and dryer, load and unload the dishwasher, and my mom got her her own set of kid sized cleaning things (like a broom and dust pan, swiffer, bucket and rag) and she LOVES following me around ‘cleaning’ too! :sparkling_heart:

In betweens throw clothes in the washer , wash dishes as you cook or wash after she goes to bed we as mom’s never get enough sleep or finish our house work just go with the flow , enjoy her

You could always have your little help you with the tasks you need to get done. My son loves to do dishes and laundry. It’s one of his favorite parts of the day! He also absolutely loves to make dinner with me! So we get quality time and do house stuff. Hes 2.5 but we’ve been doing it together for about a year now.


4 kids total one of which is a 2 year old tornado mixed with wreck it ralph. I do what I can when I can. If it dont get done, then it dont get done. I end up “playing” more than I clean :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_shrugging: it is what it is. It wont last forever. Good luck.

Let her help. At that age they love to be helpful. Let her wipe the tables for starters. Or put some things in the garbage. Good luck

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I have a 2yr old and 1ur oldy 2yr old is an absolute walking disaster lol. I clean my house during nap time and then again when she’s in bed. While she’s up I don’t bother other wise I’m just walking in circles forever picking shit up lol

Have her help you. If you’ve got to take out the trash give her a small Walmart bag with a few trash items in it to carry. If your cleaning he bathroom give her a rag with nothing but water on it. If your putting up dishes let her help you by passing you things so you can put it up. I have 4 kids and expecting my 5th. Sometimes the house is messy but they love to help esp at that age. It doesn’t seem like they are helping but they think they are


I baby wear sometimes to get my stuff done. My son is extremely clingy right now and he pulls my pants down until I pick him up so he enjoys being on my back for a little while and it gives him his fix so he’ll play independently for awhile after I take him off

Idk what my house looks like for the most part … being a single mom and working …i played with my kid first and slept 8 to 10 hours… i need my sleep to function. She slept with me… she went to sleep at 8 i followed not to long after .

My daughter is the same age. I have her “help” me dp things. Mainly she tries to just dust the floor lol. I take 30 minutes every day and clean up. Doesn’t have to be perfect, but it keeps things from looking like a wreck. I take 1 day a week and deep clean everything.

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My husband and I lost our twin girl’s 1/27/19 due to a home invasion. I was pregnant with them and 5 week’s out from a scheduled c-section. They would have been our 3rd and 4th babie’s. We just had our 5th baby 6 week’s ago and I could care less about the house or anything else accept for my kid’s. I was obsessed before about keeping the perfect house and everything that came with it. You do you Mama and don’t let anyone tell you how to parent.

Just spent a half hour cleaning kitchen and doing dishes while my son played with noisy stuff on the floor (spoon, metal spatula, and a pot lid) :woman_shrugging:.

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Oh man. I feel you.

Honestly, with my 2.5 year boy and my 4 yo girl (when she’s visiting) I just have them help with the chores a little, simple things that they want to help with that won’t hurt them, age appropriate stuff.

We also have a play kitchen and kids play cleaning stuff so he can run around helping me or he can make the choice to do free play. So 1: he’s not in the way
2: he is picking up the idea of cleaning
3:he’s also playing and we can play pretend while I clean.

When my son first turned 2, I would take small breaks between each task. Take some time to hangout, do some dancing, go out for a walk, color a picture.

And sometimes I just didn’t do house work for a day (knock out all the important stuff the night before like dishes) I’d get the whole day uninterrupted with my son, a little extra sleep since I wasn’t tryi to get everything done, then the next day I would nail out chores.
I’d take that break at least once a week.

Your doing great! Honestly having a 2 year old while trying to keep the house together should really be an Olympic sport.

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There is no balance lol but seriously they remember the time you spend, not if the clothes need folded or if the toys aren’t picked up. Let’s face it they make messes lol don’t deprive yourself of self care trying to worry about your messes. If it looks lived in, thats because it is. Dont overwhelm yourself with trivial things, you’re doing your best! We all are. My house is almost always a mess and the laundry is almost never folded, but my babies are loved and very well taken care of. Just take a breath mama, you can do this

I think it’s good for kids to see us do housework. It sets an example for them later.
I manage to clean up daily and even sweep and I mop once a week.
I just split time.
Wake up to nap time is quality time. After the nap, I do dinner and clean up before bed. My 2 year old will even help clean up (cause I’ve done it daily since he was a wee little guy)
I know it feels like you’re missing out on time but I swear that any amount of age appropriate independence is a must! Yeah my booger likes to hang out with mom, but hes just as happy to play by himself! He will push me away to go play :rofl:
It’s also unrealistic for anyone to think they have to spend 24/7 with anyone else. We all have stuff we have to do and its important that kids learn young. They’ll never need anyone else to make them feel okay with themselves.