How do you break your baby from bottles?

How did everyone break their baby from bottles and get them on sippy cups?

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Threw the bottles away on first birthday and didnt look back


Just took them away when my son turned 1 and gave him a sippy cup


Sippy cup. Bottles got put in storage and there was no other option.

Just said Happy Birthday…no more bottles. Once each of my kids turned 1, I took the bottle away. No issues

I just took my sons one night and put his milk in a 360 instead. Once he realized it was the same milk just new cup, he was fine. Never looked back.

My daughter was 11 months when we switched from a bottle to a cup with a straw. We never looked back. She liked drinking my drinks from a straw so she got her own so we didn’t have to share anymore.

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Slowly throw them away and start handing sippys to them

My son had bottles for bed time and one day he gave in and started sleeping with sippys

It takes time but you can do it

I just threw them all away and gave them sippy cups. It was hard for a day or 2 but after that it was smooth sailing.


Just took the bottles away. If they are thirsty they will drink from a soppy eventually x

Once the baby starts walking you throw them away its easy.

Threw them away on both of my babies 1st birthdays and then gave them sippies it took them a little bit to figure it out but they took the sippies and figured them out rather quickly…

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I introduced the sippy cup at 9months old during the day. By 1yr old there was no more bottle at all. Only sippy cups :slight_smile:

My kid is tough and went nuts when I tried taking them away cold turkey. A few months later I tried the Nuk Learner cup and he took it with no problem. Never looked back

Just stopped giving them bottles, might be a rough day it two but eventually they get over it :woman_shrugging:t3:

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My daughter has been using a sippy at meal times since 4 months. At 9 months she really doesn’t cry for the actual bottle anymore.

Tossed them in the trash one morning. They will get thirsty enough to drink from a cup

Told my daughter Santa needed them for the baby reindeer. Left them in a gift bag by the milk and cookies. LOL


It was hard for my son but just dont give it to them, start with a cup and a straw for kids or sippy cups they will eventually get it

I got my child to put all there bottles in a box and told him that the fairies would come take them and return the box with things for him when he opened the box next day there was al different sippy cups for him was the easiest

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