How do you clean the small kids couch covers?

Do any mama’s know how to get the small kid’s couch covers clean? Like the setting on the washer/dryer? The tags have gotten ripped off, and I don’t want to shrink it so it doesn’t fit anymore…

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Wash on cold and dry on low

Do they mean car seats?? Pretty fancy if my kids had their own couch :joy:

Cool wash, dry on clothes line

Or hang to dry. You can also just pop it in on a no heat setting

Wash and dry on delicate

Look up the make of couch and the care instructions. In general- Cold water, gentle cycle, tumble dry

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mine says wash with like colors

Wash it like normal in cool water and dont put it in the dryer…hang it up to dry

Delicate,low,cold water…air dry or tumble dry no heat to be careful with it.

Wash it on cold and let it air dry flat?


Take to dry cleaners

I threw it on cold didn’t shrink

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Cold but I would buy or have some one make slip covers for it

Burn them and get new :joy::joy::joy:

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put a saftey clip in the zipper underneath an lift up and then it will undo it has a saftey zipper on it for the kiddies :heart: trust me do not just wash it it’ll never come back the same lol