How do you cope with a parent no longer being in your life?

How do you cope with losing a parent that is still alive? I’m a 29-year-old mother. My own mother has given me a hard time in my whole life. I was her only child when she met and married her current husband. He came along with his children, and ever since then, I have been pushed to the back burner. As I grew out of my childhood and into my teen years, her dislike for me seemed to grow. I spent a lot of my time with my grandmother, and she seemed to resent them for caring for me. My mother has gone months and years without speaking to me. Sometimes the step kids reach out and try to make things right, but she does things to me that hurt me. I speak up and tell her how she makes me feel, and then she abandons me again. Most recently, she was there for the birth of my last child. I went through a hard time soon after and asked her for her advice, and she just said she’s tired of my drama… My mother, tired of me… She proceeded to ignore me; she goes through my ex (that she HATED) to see my daughter but ignores my other two children… This has been going on for two straight years now. Is this normal? What should I do? What can I do, or is it healthy for me just to let her go? Is she jealous of me? (Her husband isn’t faithful and hates me too because I’m a product of my dad) … Help, I can’t handle the broken heart any more


Honestly cut ALL ties with her you dont need that type of drama and headache in your life nor does ur children…


Cute off my biological father about 8 years ago best thing I have ever done. You are mourning the relationship you want not the one you have and it’s okay. Grieve like you would a death.


Cut all ties ur better off without her x

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Sometimes it’s best just to end a toxic relationship. And just know it’s not the current relationship you miss. It’s the relationship you wish you had.


Consider her dead to you and your children in my opinion. Family doesn’t get a free pass to treat you like shit.

You don’t need toxic assholes in your life, my partner ditched his dead beat parents because that’s what they are. And they will never know our kids and that’s just the way I like it

Love her from a distance. No need to put yourself through the rejection over and over. Spend time with those who show love and care for you.


My mother has treated me this way my entire life.

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For your sake, for your new decade in life and in 2020s, it may be time to let her go. You have your family you created with your children and your SO. I’m going through a letting go process and it’s not easy :confused: 28yrs old

Unfortunately it happens. I have had the same issue all my life with my mother. Two years ago I decided that enough was enough and stopped reaching out and trying to please her. She to goes through my ex to see my oldest whom she also hated. She has not seen my youngest in 2 years. My life and mental health is 1000000× better than it ever has been. My advice. Let that toxic relationship go.


Unfortunately this happens far to often. Its time for you to just move on and worry about the family you created.

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Stop talking to her. Not hard to figure out.

I’m 35 and raised by my great aunt and uncle. My mom has always been immature and has said some nasty things to my sisters and myself. She’s never been there for us, even tho we’ve tried to have a relationship with her. We all have up as she is drama. It’s hard, but it’s what’s best for us and our mental health.

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If you lived close to me i would adopt you…im really sorry but it is what it is you cant make ppl care or love you sadly

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You aren’t responsible for your mother’s mental health. It sounds like she has some serious issues. Pray for her, maybe someday she’ll find the strength to seek counseling

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Some times you just gotta say goodbye. Trust me it’s for the best. Toxic people have no room in your life. Don’t take away the happiness of your life if she is gonna take it away.your kids don’t deserve that.

Cut ties with my bio father years ago. Best thing I done for me. I don’t need him or his petty wife’s high school drama.

Say R.I.P, bury her in your mind and move on, hang out with people that make you happy.

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