How do you cope with your boyfriend leaving for work?

So, my boyfriend and I haven’t been apart for longer than one night since we started dating four years ago. We have a 2-year-old together, and he’s only been away for one night since he was born… my boyfriend has to leave this week for 2 MONTHS for work!! I’ve been crying off and on since we found out that’s how long the job was. I’m just wondering if any of you are in similar situations, how do you cope with being away from each other that long? And how does your little one cope? I’m so anxious and sad thinking about it being just us for that long and how hard it’s going to be for my son, who won’t fully understand why daddy is gone that long


Find a hobby, lean on friends/family, find yourself and who you truly are. Distance isn’t a bad thing.

I did that with my current boyfriend, he moved away to college and I was devastated.
For me, he surprised me with a promise ring before he left, just to tell me he still loves me even though he’s moving away. We talked everyday and FaceTimed often. I wrote out envelopes that said “open when you’re sad” or “open when you miss me” and wrote him letters and printed out my favorite photos of us. It was something for him to open that I had handwritten. I also printed out wallet sized photos of me (his favorites) to keep in his wallet. That way he could look at it and see the photo of me, knowing he’s dealt with my and my troubles, so he can handle anything.
You can always give him a blanket to take with him that smells like home, or even a framed photo. Constant communication and reassurance is what got me through it for about 2 years, only seeing each other every few weeks for 2 days.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you cope with your boyfriend leaving for work?

I don’t have any personal experience with this, but I would just make sure you video chat as often as possible. So he hears daddy’s voice calling his name. Get a little teddy that records. Its going to seem like a long time but it will fly by. Keep yourself busy. Take lots of videos of your son and send them to him.

Just think that in that time frame, he will be home with you and yalls son.

My husband leaves for 28 days and is home for 14… He calls me every day and video chats with me at night

Long distance relationships are hard, I find that keeping myself distracted works. Maybe you and your little one could work on a surprise for when daddy comes home. That way you’ll keep yourself busy and you and the little one could make something for him for when he returns :slight_smile:


Go with him! If it’s going to be this way, buy a RV. Or rent, I’m sure he is getting per diem, right?


Just video chat when you can and communicate it will be rough for sure but you can do it couples stay away a lot longer then two months all the time if it’s built on a strong foundation y’all will be fine absence makes the heart grow fonder I’ve always been told

When my now husband and I started dating he went on deployment for 9 months. It would be weeks between calls / emails. Then we got married I got pregnant and he got deployed again! Our daughter was born and he didn’t meet her until she was 3 months old!

It’s all hard but very doable! Keep yourself busy! If he’s just going to work in another state you can text / video chat regularly! Open lines of communication is KEY!


My fiancé worked out of state for the first year and half of our sons life it was hard but communication is key. Talk a little bit in the morning and a little bit after he’s off. Keep yourself busy when little guys in bed find a hobby or a good long show to binge watch. Little ones only two he might look for dad and ask for him just tell him daddies working and he’ll see him soon also video chat with dad before bed if possible for good nights and keep him busy during the day so he’s not upset do fun activities and arts and crafts it’ll help. Best of luck mama I know it’s hard but keep your head up I know it seems like a long time but it’ll go by fast has long has you keep busy and don’t focus on it. I slept on the couch for the first few months my fiancé was out of state and that helped my anxiety too.

I’m just about to get my partner back after he left for 2 months for work and all I can say is I totally understand your upset but Skype facetime lots of video chats we video chat at least once a day if I can’t sleep we go to sleep together on video chat same for your son lots and lots of video chats and maybe a fun game counting down the time when daddy will be home… I’ll find it goes very fast and you won’t be expecting it too

Why can’t you visit on weekends…

Maybe put exactly enough kisses in a jar till the night he comes home… and every night after dinner give dad a call and get a kiss every night…and tell your son… when the jar runs out of kisses daddy will be home

married a trucker when kids where small lucky to see him for breakfast or supper 2 nights a week. just something you get use too


Mine used to travel for work as a logistics driver he had never been gone that long but sometimes 3 weeks at a time and I will say the 1st day will be the worst it will start to get better day by day lots of facetimes and txts Ik he will prob be busy so keep that in mind when it comes to response times but it will go fast good luck mama

Video chat as much as you can

My husband when we’re dating went and joined the Air Force and was gone for nine months. It was tough but we talked any time he was free and Skyped called a lot. I got to visit once in that time frame. You have to keep yourself busy and spent time with friends when I could and I starting running. By the time he came home we were in good shape. I’ve always worked and gone to school so I was pretty busy with kids stuff and normal day to day life it went by really fast. You will survive it just takes work to keep in contact and let each other know how you miss and care for them.

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always get him to call video or use zoom ,while yur child is awake and