How do you cope with your children growing up?

I have been a SAHM since my son was born (so two years now), and I was just wondering how do you cope with your children growing up and becoming an age older every year? I could cry myself to sleep about it every night if I let myself. Also, SO does not mind me being a SAHM, but things are getting tight with bills, holidays around the corner, and we’re expecting a baby in 2021. We don’t have a vehicle right now but are working on it. So my other question is, once the transportation is there and our newborn is older…I may start looking for work again to help financially, but how do you trust, overcome, get comfortable with leaving your children in daycare? I will always be protective over my babies, but a couple of things that bother me are not only missing them, but my son has a sensory disorder, and the thought of anyone mistreating him floors me! Any mamas relate? How do you do it?


We found a daycare we loved, but at the end of the day is was just ultimately cheaper for me to stay home, no matter how tight things got. I would go walk around a few, meet with the directors, teachers, anyone thats going to be there through the day and get a feel for them. Always trust your gut! And try to find a daycare that has cameras set up in all the rooms, hallways, lunchroom, etc.

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Look for an at-home daycare because it’s not so bad.

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My husband and I work opposite shifts so someone is always home with baby.


It’s definitely hard. I try to think of the pros that comes out of them getting older. I know it’s so hard but I am looking forward to being able to sleep in and them being able to do their own thing. But I will miss my babies being babies so much :sob:

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You stay home and be an in home daycare for a couple of kids, maybe a little older than yours.

When my kids were little I worked at the daycare they attended. They got free tuition, I got paid, and I got to check in on them during the day.

Ours have always been with at home daycares (3 now) and we love it! All grandmas. Never had an issue

You could always watch a couple of kids at your house. You would probably make way more doing that than paying daycare fees and working outside the home.
Here, where I live you would be paying about 1600 a month for two kids in full time daycare

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My advice is find a family member or close friend you trust who’s able. If you can’t, maybe open your own home daycare…take on just a couple kids.
Here where I live for one child it’s over 1000 a month for a decent daycare…at home or a facility

Or look into state funded daycares.

You c an find work at home solutions, if your older one will be going to to preschool. You can babysit another child in his class for part of the day a few days a week, that also gives him a playmate. Or an at home business you can do in the evenings.
I am a mama of four, I was a nanny for the first 2 years of the older kids lives. They were able to go to work with me. Then I was a SAHM for a while and baby sat from my home when I had my 3rd. By the time the 3rd one was four and in preschool, I got a job at the older kids school as a lunch lady for a few hours a day. Then a bout two years later I was surprised to find out about number 4. I had him in May and was off all summer, then went back part time in Sept and my mom would watch him. At 14 months I very sadly put my child in daycare and cried at drop off everyday for a month. I called the place to check on him and he was fine, they would send me pictures of him playing. He was having so much fun. About a year later my job ended and I went work at the preschool/ daycare as a teacher. Two of My older kids were in middle school and doing fantastic, my 3rd was settled in school and loving it, I spent the days with my youngest and got paid. He’s now in Kindergarten and we are all home on virtual school with 2 high schoolers, a middle schooler and a Kindergartener. You do what works, just may need to get a little creative.

I started my own business from home! It gives me time to myself to focus on my work and gets me excited to wake up on days where I’m completely drained

Yeah I am weird about random people watching my kids. Especially when they cannot communicate to me sometbing is wrong. We do split shifts here as well. We used to both work at the same job and they were open to us switching out aka he leave 5 min early im there 5 min late.


Stay at home. My kids need to be home.

I have 4. 18, 17, 15 and 5. I stayed home with my oldest 3. With my youngest I went back to work when she was 8 weeks. It was hard but my parents watched her. It gets easier however as they get older other stuff makes it hard. Both my oldest kids have both had car accidents. That will scare the mess outta you. The hardest part for me right now is the college part. My oldest decided to stay home he goes to UNC Charlotte and lives at home to save money. My second oldest is a senior this year and all he talks about is going away to college. That is a hard one right there. however saying that I love seeing the people that they are growing into. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My son was in a daycare/early learning center from 8 weeks to kindergarten since both my husband and I worked full time. The first month or so was a bit of a transition for sure. But it got easier seeing how much he was blossoming, learning and making new friends. He loved being there, and it was wonderful seeing him so happy. We were ALL a bit sad when he left to go to school.
He’s 13 now, so we have lots of experience under our belt with watching him grow up. There’s a bit of melancholy in the current stage they’re in passing through-but you start to have fun watching all the cool stuff they’re learning, and the awesome little human they’re growing into. After all, that’s kind of the point-right? For babies to grow into awesome kids and adults? I swear it gets easier! So many fun things to look forward to, I promise!

I hate it. My kids are 15, 13 and 4… I hate it. It’s heartbreaking. The pics and videos, memories of them being all babies and toddlers… it’s hard.

You gotta realize that you aren’t in control of everything and stop stressing about “what if” all the time. You wanna work, figure it out and go. You wanna stay home, figure it out and stay home.

I don’t i had five kids in 10 years and in my mid life crisis 32 after work and school couldn’t fulfill me like a being a sahm i had two more and with mt baby being 8 i would have more if i could. Before anyone asks just one baby daddy for all my babies :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

My ex and I worked opposite shifts, and I usually only worked part time. So we hardly ever had to have daycare. It was nice getting out of the house even for just 3-4 hours a day, a few days a week.