How do you deal with anxiety that comes out as anger?

Does anyone have advice about anxiety that comes out as anger? I’ve suffered from depression/anxiety ever since my son was born in 2014. The past two years or so, it all comes out as anger. I have a very short temper, aggravated all day, unmotivated to do anything at all, exhausted even with 8 hours of sleep, etc. Just constantly frustrated, and I’m so sick of feeling this way, and it isn’t fair to my son. I never feel like playing with him or taking him to do things. We normally just sit and watch tv, or he plays alone while watching cartoons. Meanwhile, I’m falling in and out of a LIGHT sleep and just getting aggravated at anything being loud or him jumping on things etc. I really wanna get on some kinda antidepressants or anxiety meds, but I only have family planning Medicaid, so I know it won’t be covered, so I’m basically screwed. I want to try exercises and things to help with my mood, but I never begin because I never am motivated enough. Someone, please give me some advice and no judgment, please.


Get a weighted blanket. It could help you sleep better and that will improve your mood. Eat healthy, that can bring you down when you aren’t eating healthy food. And yes exercise. Even if it’s mainly housework, your body has to be healthy to be happy. Those things aren’t free either, but they’re cheaper than most medications.

Weed/meds :sweat_smile: helped me out a lot

See if your county mental health office can help, most are set up to accommodate low income people.

Dont really have advice but here to see the advice as I feel the same way

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It sounds like maybe you might have depression. You should go talk to your doctor

Sounds like prayer would help here. I depend on Jesus


Sounds more like bipolar/anxiety like my daughter. Go to your local Community Service Board for counseling and help.

Following for advice as well. You are not alone mama :heart:

Counselling is what I had to do.

You need to see a doctor ASAP.

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You sound like you might have a little bit of postpartum depression with anxiety which the postpartum depression for me was hard enough it took me awhile to figure out I was doing it now that you do it you can be somewhere other than that the way I deal with my anxiety is I smoke bud. I don’t really get depressed too much but I have my UPS and my downs and I just make sure that I get through the day it’s okay to cry it’s okay to apologize to your kids when you yell let them know that you were wrong they have feelings too but you can’t ignore yours either sorry about the run-on sentence I use the microphone

If it’s something you’re comfortable with I’d recommend looking into medical marijuana, depending on where you live


I can tell you that the anxiety isn’t what’s making you angry, it’s the depression… the short ticks and no motivation is probably mild depressive disorder… try something small at first (going on a walk maybe just around the block) stay away from caffeine (coffee, energy drinks ect) take a bath with baby and have a little play time in there. Try meditation or yoga. But mostly just try to push through it, you can’t let it control you.

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And when I get too anxious and I need to go calm myself down I let my kids know that I need a timeout Mommy needs to calm down and that they did not do anything wrong

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This sounds a bit like post partum depression. It started after you had baby, I would assume it would be covered due to it being about baby, go get seen for that.

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Get your thyroid checked


I’ve been in your shoes. I know it sounds dumb but changing your thinking really helps. When you have a negative thought, think of something good. Like “I hate my freaking life and I suck as a mom.” Say to yourself “eff that! I’m an amazing mom. I love my kid. He’s happy. I’m smart, funny, a good listener…” etc. And this is an example. Do it all day long if you have to. Think of things you are grateful for, even if it’s for a hot cup of coffee. Also, yoga or any type of exercise has helped. So has journalling…even just writing “F off” helps or doodling. Deep breathing when you feel yourself get elevated. Also, Valerian Root has helped me in the past. You can find it with vitamins anywhere.

It sucks, I know. But making any steps towards self care and self love will make a difference. You’re worth it! I hope this helps! Best wishes and many blessings to you!


Honestly my whole life I have been treated for depression and acute anxiety and the last yr or so I just kept losing control and thinking my anxiety was out of control but I went and got diagnosed as Bipolar depressive and with new meds I feel like a new woman! Like I don’t even recogonize myself anymore bc I feel happy and in control of my emotions when I look in the mirror. Only my opinion. Prayers that it gets better!


Try going to the health department. They make you pay on a sliding scale depending on your income. You could call to see how much they would charge first. I think you should speak to someone about this. Do it for yourself as well as your son. Hope things get better for you.