How do you deal with bitter baby momma and MIL drama?

My bf and I have been together for four years. We have a three-year-old and one on the way. For two years out of our relationship, I have dealt with his other kid and the mother disrespect from both upset that we are together and he had moved on and had another baby I’ve dealt with the name-calling the prank calls I’ve changed my number several times she has also had friends threatening me, showed up to my job she had her son displaying the same behavior towards me anytime I said hello or asked how he was doing I told my bf about it and he did nothing besides saying that I should keep my mouth shut and don’t say anything because it is not my place. Fast forward time they communicate back and forth because of the child obviously, and every time they talk she always has to bring up my name and now my daughter which we have nothing to do with their situation I’m starting to get annoyed with the bullshit from her, and I’m not going to hold my tongue any longer I’ve been nice enough I yet again tell my bf, and he says that his son does not have to respect me, and I need to respect his son who by the way is 10. As for my MIL, everything was good in the beginning until she decided one day visiting her, mind u I had just had my daughter a month ago that she doesn’t think I want to be a mother because I was exhausted taking care of a newborn, and I approached her and said something things were back and forth for a while agree to disagree fine overtime everything has gotten worse views on how I raise my daughter what I should and should not do I never knocked anyone opinion it always valued I’ve been called by her own mouth a bad mother because I put my daughter in time out so needless to say I have stopped going to any event functions but never stopped my daughter from going that’s still her grandmother at the end of the day. I’m at a loss on what I should do help advice


Leave. If you’re pregnant with his child, his ex and other child, and her friends are being rude to you in any way and he’s not saying anything, you need to leave. It’s clear he doesn’t respect you and you do NOT deserve that. There are better men out there, don’t settle


LEAVE… Your boyfriend doesn’t respect you so neither his mom or child will. Sounds like a loser take your kids and leave.


Get rid of him . For him to say his son doesn’t have to respect you, but you need to respect his son is bullshit. You have to give respect to get it back. That is not ok. & it’s not ok to allow a child to disrespect their elders. Idc what the situation is!

I stopped reading at “his son does not have to respect me” first off your an adult in his life, as a mother figure you should be respected. If he doesn’t enforce that with the child your relationship is always gonna under strain. I suggest you look into counseling or leave bc that sentence right there, leaves absolutely no room for improvement.


Youre screwed, women should look at all factors before having a baby with someone.


Wow. Take your kids & leave. Too much drama & your boyfriend doesn’t back you up in any of it


Honey let me tell you now. He is a push over and you will get the flack for his failures. Leave him. Give him and ultimatum. He isn’t being a man. I would take my kids and gtfo


New boyfriend? I definitely see his POV about the interactions between him and her over their child as none of your business. However, the 10 year old child being disrespectful to you, that needs to stop immediately. His, mom , uh if she’s already doing that, just throw the whole family away.

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Stopped reading this when you said your bf told you to stay out of it. I think you have your answer. You are obligated to no one but your own. Keep it pushing momma and move on. If the boyfriend doesnt respect you, no one will. Know your worth.


First and formost, you need to be respected. It doesnt matter if the ex thinks you dont. He needs to give you that respect and so does his child. The mother in law situation is bullshit to and you need to put your foot down. If it comes down to your child not going around them then that is your choice. Make them aware of you amd respect you or leave.

Leave, duh. I’ll be damned if I put up with harassment just for dating someone’s ex and I refuse to stay with someone that basically tells me it doesn’t matter and that the child doesn’t have to respect you. Hell no. Leave his ass.

Throw the whole boyfriend away. Screw that. Why even deal with it? It hasnt gotten better let him stew in that drama. Id move on and find someone who doesn’t bring drama to your life. Believe this or not some inlaws are amazing.


I couldnt continue when you said your bf said you keep out of it.
Pack up and leave the drama behind


Are you fucking serious? You’re treated like crap by everyone and you’re wondering what you should do? Either pack your shit or pack his shit and be done. File for child support and full custody

Leave. He obvs doesn’t respect you.


It sounds like neither side is making an effort, and after 4 years, you should be in a much different place. Leave


Yeah for real, what they ^ said. The fact that he’s not defending you in any of these situations speaks volumes. The situation isn’t gonna get better unless he grows some balls and tells them & his son to respect you. So if he hasn’t done that already I’m afraid he never will. Be the bigger woman and just leave. Trust me, been there done that.

Your boyfriend is wrong. His son doesn’t have to like you but he absolutely has to respect you. And if he allows his son and his baby mama to continue to walk all over you then it’s never going to stop, why would it when his father won’t end it? I’d be finding a new boyfriend if that was going to be his position on it.

As for your MIL just stay away from her. It’s the easiest thing.


From what im gathering, but could be wrong, you’re going back and forth with the ex? What you do is, tell your husband to put a stop to it. You shouldn’t HAVE to tell him to. he needs to tell her, I will only communicate with you about our son and nothing else more and if you disrespect her again, I won’t communicate with you at all, I’ll have somebody else do it on my behalf.
That goes for mom, ex, Everyone…
I would’ve already left. His job is to protect and defend you and ONLY you. His child should have to respect you. Id just leave that family