How do you deal with in laws that dislike you?

Has anyone had to deal with a mother in law or boyfriends mother who did not like you? I’ve been in my relationship for about four years now, and I’ve not been liked from the beginning for no specific reason. I never knew my boyfriend’s family, and I was expecting at least a pleasant welcome. Things are cordial now, but she still favors my boyfriend’s ex GF over me. (mind you that they were the only h.s. sweethearts). My boyfriend’s mom treats her more like a daughter and friend, which is more interaction I’ve ever received. I don’t want to go into a depression because of rejection by the family of someone I love. I just have no idea why I’ve been disliked (maybe it’s because I’m a mom?). I don’t understand, and I just need words of comfort or someone who understands.


Dont put yourself sick over someone like that. You dont need to be liked by your mans family, you’re not dating them you’re dating him. His opinion of you should be the only one that matters.


Girl im sorry their opinion dont matter… yo man matters.

My mother in law hates me. The reason why? Because she wanted to talk shit to me and I gave it right back to her. She’s not used to people standing up to her. Everyone else has always done what she wants. She says I’m disrespectful because I wouldn’t just sit there and let her say whatever she wanted to me. She prefers the ex over me as well. My husband and I have been together twice as long as he and the ex were but mil hasn’t figured out that I’m not going anywhere.

I have dealt with the same thing my fiancé cut his mom out of our lives we have four kids because she couldn’t respect me and has hated me from the start! I always just took it with a grain of salt but I never let her disrespect me! And that’s one thing she couldn’t understand


It happens. Honestly she may have heard not so nice things from his ex and you just don’t know. Their are many different things. Just be cordial and respectful

I get it. I’ve been married for 14 years and my mil and fil don’t like me either. It hurts but ultimately you have to rely on your hubby for what you need. Don’t let them dictate your feelings. :slight_smile:

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My in-laws the 1st marriage were nightmares. I wasted so much energy trying to make them like me and be their perfect DIL and so many tears crying when nothing works. My advice? Do nothing. Fuck them. Your husband chose
To put u 1st when he married you. They can fall in line or stay the fuck away. One of my few regrets in life is letting them get to me the way they did. Don’t give them the satisfaction of filling your shine!

Four years? It’s because she lacks respect for you. Sees you as weak. I’m not sure how to ever go back from that. Sorry


I’ve never been liked and honestly, I’m 100% fine. She’s one of the worst people I’ve ever met and I’d question myself if she did like me. As long as he loves you and has your back, fuck her :woman_shrugging:t2:

Just don’t go around them.

I was married for over 10 years and went through that Christmas i would sit and watch them open presents for hours and not one thing for me. She hated me and was a big part of why we split up she still hates me and we don’t even talk but says bad things about me in front of my kids

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Girl i had to fight my ex chick sister because how bad they disliked me and i just had to realise that ain’t everybody gong to be for you Sometimes you just gotta dust the dirt from your shoulders and go about your life if they ain’t the one you with and ain’t paying no bills FUCK them

Kill her with kindness :woman_shrugging:t2: it’s cliche advice and definitely means you have to be humble and swallow your pride and ego but if it makes things better in the end then it can’t hurt. That being said, she must still have respect for you. Best of luck

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Dont put up with being disrespected… if so, try to confront it to find solution and if that doesnt work, have no contact with her BUT dont let her ruin ur relationship. That’s ultimately what she wants.

Same exact boat as u honey, no advice as I’m still trying to figure it out also.


I’m so sorry you have to deal with this! I understand completely. I get that from my mil. . Not sure why shes never liked me . When I met my husbands extended family, his aunt was delighted and said, “you are so pretty” and she meant it, she was legit nice. Well, my mil looked at her and said , well she has great character… literally smirked at me . It honestly hurt me to the core. The thought that she dosen’t like me primarily for my looks. I do everything for her son, literally. I give him everything… not sure what my looks have to do with her dislike for me … however, you are not alone, and if she has no reason to not like you, ignore that bs! It no longer fazes me when she makes remarks or jokes. I’m passed it. Dont let it get to you.

Same exact boat never did shit to her son but she hates me and honestly she has to deal with me as I’m my daughters mom and we found out he’s her dad so I’m kinda stuck with her for 18 yrs

I say fuck them as long as you man loves you and he has your back then screw them

15 years baby, and I’m not not liked… one day it will click and you won’t care anyone…

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