How do you deal with rebellious teen boys?

How do I deal with a rebellious teenage boy, bipolar and off his meds? He’s breaking all the rules and laws (admittedly) and getting mad that there are consequences. And now he’s lashing out at me, saying very hurtful things to me when I’m taking away his privileges

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Hang in there mom! I had a suicidal teen hate me for a while, but she’s doing much better now. It’s rough on both sides, but it will get better in the end once he learns to take responsibility for his actions and health.

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Do whatever you need to do to get him back on his meds… commit him on a 24 hour hold at the psych ward if you have to … but he will just continue to get worse if you don’t take immediate action !!

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Get him to take his meds and see his therapist.

It will make a big difference if you can get him to take his meds. I know from personal experience. Good luck.

Kick their ass and show them who’s boss

Coming off meds can cause seizures and a whole bunch of nasty side effects that could be life threatening.
NEVER allow someone to go cold turkey off meds, especially ones used for depression and bipolar. Serotonin sickness is real and deadly. I’d have him hospitalized if he truly wants off the medication. He needs to taper off the meds. Cold turkey can ruin your brain chemistry.
I got off Effexor XR last year, cold turkey like an idiot. I’m a grown adult with a mature brain and it made me feel INSANE and just indescribably terrible in many different ways. My brains felt like it was sloshing around in my head and my face was always numb and fuzzy.
Imagine what it’s doing to his adolescent/teen brain that’s not fully developed.

This is more than parenting. He needs to be hospitalized
He needs to be helped before he kills someone or himself.
I’m not bi polar but I am boarder line and I have some other things. But unmedicated bi polar any mental Heath issues can be extreamly dangerous.

I don’t know what Id do as a mother.
But I think this is above what you can do. You need help. Maybe call his doctor and see what they can do

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I’m with the other commenter, this goes beyond a typical rebellious teen, he needs medical intervention please contact his pyschitrist for help


He’s upset about something . That he can’t explain to you maybe a counselor or anyone he might help someone he was comfortable with trying to shove pills on his throat it’s only going to make it worse and he’ll fight back more go to his level talk with him stay calm something has upset him in his past life take him somewhere just you and him somewhere fun for him being a good place with him go kart riding golfing fishing a movie something he love to do and hopefully he’ll let his guard down and talk to you about it

I have bipolar and i did all the things ur son is doing when i was a teenager and my mother put me the behavioral health center many times it didn’t help it made me act out more and run away and put myself in some very bad situations… My honest opinion ur son is 2 young 4 meds bipolar meds should only be given 2 someone who is going 2 be responsible and take them when they are suppose to… Bipolar meds alter ur brain 2 try and make the person taking them deal with situations like everyone else would… You need to try and find the problem and it will be hard because ur son probably won’t tell u whats wrong but u gotta figure it out and take care of it 4 him…

I’m going through the same thing I told my son that his phone is mine until he takes his medicine and keeps a routine that we’ve set years ago and the next thing will be the TV privilege