How do you deal with the comments when you are a single mom and pregnant?

Anyone else a single mom and pregnant again? I have three and am pregnant with my 4th. I take care of my own kids and have my own job but still get comments that I should know how to stop and get on birth control. I don’t get why people feel the need to make these comments, I would understand if I didn’t take care of my kids but I do, I even have my own house and car. How do you get through this?


Tell They Ass To Mind The Business That Pays Them And U Take Care Of Your Kids Very Well

Mama until they start paying your bills, putting food on your table or helping you raise your babies, shake off their unwanted opinion :woman_shrugging:t4:


Tell them all to F-off

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What other people think about you, is none of your business. Some love to judge others to elevate themselves.


Unless they payin your bills pay them bitches no mind ~ Ru Paul :blush:

Unless your interfering with them tell them where to go

You just do Momma. I did with my 4th I was on my own then became a widow 18 months later. You know the truth ignore the lies. You’ve got this :raised_hands:

People are just aszes - PERIOD! I have 5 children with the same man (together 23 yrs) and I still get - “do they all have the same dad?” and then after the yes response - “WOW!”. People need to mind their damn business sometimes! I’m not on the corner shaking a tin can! (and please, not that it’s wrong or am I passing judgment). I’m just saying - We take care of our own and we’re doing OK! LOL

Who cares what they say!!! I totally get it tho i always hear mean crap someone even told me i should keep my legs closed lol… i have 5 and when i get pregnant its back to back or twins… i have a set of children only 11 months apart and just gave birth to twins 1 year ago and i also have a 16 year old im also a single mamma who takes care of them all by myself… someone is always gonna have something to say but i will say im so happy for all my children and wouldnt have it any other way!!! Dont listen to the negative ur great!!

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Tell them to keep there opinions to themselves or straight savage with shut the **** up I’m currently pregnant baby no5 I get the same from people I work I drive I got a nice home financially stable but I say to myself there cleary unhappy to be so involved in my business noone opinions matter but my own because I’m the only one who’s got to raise my baby x

I’m a single mum wit two girls n due to hav a baby in July and bubba dad left me for a 19 year old chick but I just keep taking it day by day


I once read a meme that said “worrying about what others think is allowing them to live rent free in your head”

Stuff em. Next time someone makes one of those comments, stop everything and look them right in the eye and ask them why they’re so concerned with your personal life. It will embarrass them being called on it.

If they continue calmly state that you didn’t ask for their opinion and that your pregnancy and personal business is really none of their concern

The trick is to just look them straight in the eye, stop doing whatever you’re doing and speak ultra politely

The majority of people don’t like confrontation

I’ve been a single mother all the way. I don’t give a shit what other people think of me. My kids are healthy, happy and are part of a loving family

Just say…do you have to pay for them? No? Well then shut up

I total bet government is paying for birth food stamps and child care so yes at some point it’s time to stop


They need to go after the men who leave and dont give a shit about their kids.

When they stuff like that respond with well you should be old enough to be rude or you should know how to keep your unsolicited opinions to yourself.

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Ask them why they think it’s any of their business. Tell them if they’re going to be so judgy they should get a law degree. Tell them, “I’m happy and self-sufficient, are you?” If they talk about birth control, point out their mom and dad forgot it when they had them. Smack talk them back!

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Because what you are missing mama is a father figure for those babies. Yes a dad does make a difference in a child’s life. Don’t listen to the haters. Do however make sure there are guy family members or friends who are close with your kids too. They don’t have to have a father but studies have shown a father figure makes a difference, and please know I say all this with love.


Chew them out and tell them everything you just told us, but loudly and enough to embarrass them. I have no idea why you are a single mom (as it’s none of my business), but I’m assuming you left because that was best for you and your babies. You do whatever you need to for your little family, screw everyone else. You’re a good mom and don’t let people who aren’t worth the dirt you walk on to tell you differently.