How do you deal with the father of your child getting into another relationship?

How do you deal with the father of your child getting into another relationship?? we have been broken up for a couple of years (we tried to get back together this last January, but it just didn’t work) we have done very good CO parenting…but he has been dating a girl for two months and moved in together and I literally just found out and kinda got a little depressed about it…more so because he hid it from me and second because he is kinda throwing it in my face everything he is doing for her (which is everything I wanted from the very beginning of our relationship) so it kinda just sucks and I honestly dont know how to handle things


Girl, move tf on. He doesn’t owe you anything. Coparent and go be with someone who wants to eat cupcakes out of your ass.

i get it been there but id be more worried that some chick of 2 months is already moved in and around your child


Honey you need to move on. But I would set boundaries on his very new gf being around your child.


have an open mind, ask politely to meet her then take it one day at a time…

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Please don’t be one of those women that start using their child against the father because he has a girlfriend - so many do this and it’s not fair to the father or the child …

if you get on and have a good co parenting relationship maybe ask to meet the girlfriend as she is going to be around your child.


You have to live your life and move on. Your kids are going to be able to tell you’re jealous and might start resenting their father. He’s not doing anything wrong

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It didn’t bother me at all…probably because I left him & was already in a relationship and years went by before he got into a serious one.

Mind your business and move on


You move on as well. Meet the gf if she is gonna be around ur kid and find you a guy that treats you right. Obviously, he wasn’t the one and never will be. Be happy for him and seek your own happiness.


The best for you hun, is to move on hun, he clearly is, make time for you, see some friends and get out there yourself, if it didn’t work move on, and nice to each other for your kids, thats most important thing of all, best of luck to you sunshine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If it didn’t work out romantically between the two of you for your child’s sake you need to look at it as just a co-parenting situation. We can’t be bitter about something that didn’t happen for us. We need to show our children healthy relationships/ friendships with their other parent. People move on and it’s sucks but as long as his new relationship doesn’t take away from his fatherhood role and he still treats you with respect, wish him the best and take the time to heal your heart.

Boundaries are not needed unless you have a legitimate and I mean legitimate concern for your child’s safety. If he chose this woman then you have to go along with it because these children will take notice of everything you and dad say or do. You should do what is right and meet her not become her enemy from the jump. Don’t be like some of these women. It’s not only childish but very toxic and produces absolutely nothing good. The goal is to blend and continue to co parent with dad and if she is in the mix then you have to accept that and never think you are superior and try calling the shots in his home. Bad idea.

My soon to be ex is the same way. I dont let her be near my kid

I had this, moved in within months of me leaving. You gotta kick and scream and cry in private but never ever let your baby see that. Be a positive influence to your child and accept it. Kicking off will only make him resent you and probably push them closer together. You got this girl :heart:


He is someone else problem now


He will fail her too. It’s just a matter of time

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Just be HAPPY … it is the best revenge


Be nice to her and tell her to please treat y’all’s kid as if it was her own. If y’all want to go out together with the hold as a family do that. My kids dad’s and I always get along and when they or I get into a relationship we are always very nice to the new person invited into our kids lives

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I would let it go. Also so you know & you can even google it hormones take control of you in the 1st 9 months to 1 yr. Then the honeymoon stage ends. So while hes doing all this for her now they are both not thinking per say straight. He will go back to his old ways. Both will have true colors appear give it a few more months. I think its incredibly irresponsible to go moving in with someone who has a child after a mere 2 months regardless if you knew them or not. Pay no hede to it honestly. Try to keep a good relationship. Im not split. Im with the father of my child & have been for almost 9yrs come this April. But all the drama I see the baby momma baby daddy yea I’ll pass that crap.