How do you deal with the pain of giving birth naturally?

Myself I focused on other things and screamed lol release kind of but can say after that it is all worth it music helps too breathing

Good luck and I wish you all the best

Both my daughter’s came within an hour or two of me showing up to hospital, labor was progressing so fast I didn’t have time for any pain meds and delivered both naturally! I just really tried to focus on the fact the nurse said if you’re not breathing the baby isn’t so it kinda gets you into the whole ok I need to do some breathing maybe some, walking around let yourself feel it and I know that sounds bad but I mean you know it’s only going to last so long all that pain comes with a prize :heart:

Lamaze helped me get through 3 natural births and finding a focal point and breathing helped. You got this momma cuz once you birth your baby you won’t even remember the pain!!!

They gave me a narcotic through my IV drip. It made the pain a little more bearable, because I was extremely exhausted through both of my labors and deliveries.

So my first son was born in my moms bathroom floor not planned. Found out I have precipitous labor, I had no choice but to endure the pain so my next births I thought if “I could do it once I can do it again” and he was emergency induction, never any pain meds never any epidural

I regretted my epidural so much. If I can do it all over again I’d say no.


I would say lots of “pre-gaming” by walking a lot (a few miles a day), a healthy sex life and stretching/yoga/staying limber. Breathing and mindfulness/meditation practice as well so that your body and mind are prepared for the day of. Good luck and congratulations!

I don’t know what to tell you… I had both of mine one at 15 took 28 hours and the second, just cause I always wanted a girl at 23 and to be very honest It was the worst pain in my whole life. Iv been married 3 times and never never wanted to have any more kids again… that pain is bad… sorry be NOT sorry!!!

You just do it. Women were built for it. The pain you feel will end as soon as baby is born. That’s what I focused on. Good luck & congratulations.

Had both kids natural. I recommend taking a birthing class that is specifically for women who want to go unmedicated- they have a ton of tips and tricks to share. Also, highly recommend reading Ina Mays Guide to Childbirth. The birthing stories in the fist half of the book and very empowering and helpful. But at the end of the day, we’re meant to birth children. Just relax, stay calm and remember to trust your body. Good luck! :heart:

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Breathing, a bath helps and moving from side to side, gently massage on lower back, Breathing and remembering that each contractions means you and your baby are doing exactly what you need to do. It is a validation that your baby is on their way :heart: oh and breathing. Good luck

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I persoanlly am scared of needles and we’ll that fear was my main concern while giving birth lol. The nurse kept trying to stick the iv in me as I was pushing and i focused on it that so much that I didn’t really notice the pain until my sons shoulders were out. Before that I definitely noticed the pain but I focused on it so much it was like I forgot I was in pain. So I guess focus all your energy on one thing. Ive heard focusing on your significant other/whoever is in the room eith you helps

My easiest of my 3 (all were natural without meds) was my last whom I literally almost sat on because I bounced on the birthing ball from the time they broke my water until I had to push. It went faster because of the ball and the contractions were not nearly as bad for me. I wish I had a birthing ball with my first two.
Also every labor and birth is different and do not feel bad if you need the epidural you will do great no matter what.

Breathe exercises, a squeeze ball, chew on ice… move to what’s comfortable to you ( I stood bent over the bed or on all fours ass in air) it hurts and I didn’t want to do natural but my baby came so fast I didnt get the epidural and went natural

Breathing and walking around a lot is what helped me. I have 2 with no meds and I’m so proud of it! It’s actuallly not that bad, only bad part is the “ring of fire” as your pushing baby out!

My husband talked to me kept me laughing

I thank god for my epidural. That pain was outrageous. I wanted to do it naturally at first too but hell no

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I had both my boys without an epidural, by choice. The first I was induced and the second my water broke on it’s own. I just took every contraction, one contraction at a time. With my second son, my oldest sat on the bed with me until I starting pushing. They put my IV in for fluids at 10am and my son was born at 316pm.

Mind over matter. Pick a focal pain and breath through it. Definitely need someone there for encouragement though