How do you deal with the pain of giving birth naturally?

For every body it’s different I think the best thing for me was to concentrate on my breathing and I laid on my right side with a pillow underneath my bottom and a pillow behind my back it made my pain less but the pain was always There sometimes it was really strong and sometimes I don’t even feel the construction coming but at the end it was all worth it Looking into his eyes was love at first sight and I could care less about the pain at that moment another thing that made my labor faster was walking a lot of walking the nurse told me that many woman choose to stay in bed but the best thing they can do for a natural birth was to walk

I had all 3 of my children without pain meds. They ranged from 9.3 to 10.5lbs.
It’s a mental state and you have to be determined to do it.
Stay on your feet as much as possible to help progress and know that it will be over.


Natural birth is the best way it makes you bond more with the baby I had all 3 of mine natural the last 2 at home

Your body takes care of you. I loved my natural birth compared to an epidural and then I had a csection. The adrenaline is overwhelming and when your focused on what you have to do the pain subsides. Good luck!

Gas and air all the way! Start hypnobirthing as early in the pregnancy as you can too. And waterbirths are so soothing. Had epidural on my first (massive regrets), then my 2nd,3rd and 4th were natural hypno-water births x

Take birthing classes from a midwife, make a birth plan, and get in the mind set that you are doing it naturally. It’s going to hurt, but if you stay calm then it’s much easier. Humans have been birthing babies naturally since the beginning.

FOCUS ON YOUR BREATHING And think about something hilarious. I’ve had 5 kids and the last 2 I actually laughed while giving birth. I was very focused on something funny. Nurse thought I was nuts I’m sure lol

I just swore alot and demanded stiff drinks which I was not given mind you!

I had 3 natural… You just got to make up your mind and be strong willed once you hold baby the pain is gone and so worth it. And I have found epi seems to slow the process alot so it could be alot quicker too natural but different for everyone

I had the first one natural, the second one was almost completely natural. However, at the last hour I had to get an epidural due to stacking contractions with no rest periods. I was devastated. 11 hours of natural labor only to have an epidural right before I had her. The third, I said screw it. Just give me the epidural. I didn’t want to potentially have the same experience again. I wish I hadn’t done that. In saying all that, a lot of second pregnancies are faster. Just concentrate and do your breathing. You know it’s going to hurt. There’s no way around it. You got this. You’ve done it once already.

I had my 2 daughters natural, try your best to breath through the contractions. Almost 5 years ago i had my second daughter when i asked for the epidural baby was wanting to be born. I couldn’t take it anymore. If i was to have another babyi would do i natural too no epidural.

I had all 4 of mine natural & i would not take it back if you can tolerate it then do it!

I guess you can het threw it just like all the mothers before pain meds were allowed

I had both of my kids naturally and I had no pain afterwards. I am pregnant with my 3rd I will be doing it all natural this time too.

Lots of showers. By the time you will want an epideral and can’t stand the terrible pain any longer, it will be to late to get one. Thats how I had a natural birth :joy:


I had my first 3 in a hospital with an epidural. I had my 4th at home, in a bath tub, by myself. As in, no one else was there. And no it wasn’t planned. I’m not sure how I did it, but I did. It was a beautiful experience but it was terrifying and painful. I definitely would not choose to give birth without an epidural again.


Ask your doctor for some exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles, and DO them. I did the squats religiously. Every time I needed something from the floor, I squatted to get it. Had 3 children, no needles and no. Stitches. Try it


I had an epidural no offense but why be in pain when you don’t have to, I don’t mean it in a rude way but honestly no one cares if you do it the painful way, your still strong and amazing for pushing a kid out it’s just way less miserable and less stressful if you get one that’s just my opinion it I don’t see why anyone would choose to be miserable when they don’t have to be


I can’t say I had to get over 100+ stitches for my natural birth when I had my second they had given me an epidural but then they had to rush me for a c section so they gave me more meds I don’t remember anything but I was told I tried to fight the dr

Just get the epidural. I was induced for both kids and for the first I didn’t get the epidural until almost at the end. It was pretty rough and quite painful since I went from 6cm to 10cm in about 5 minutes. I also didn’t have my husband with me since he was stuck at his job several hours away- it was an emergency induction due to my blood pressure situation. The second birth went much smoother- I had my husband with me and got the epidural before things got really bad.