How do you deal with the pain of the Makena shot?

I want to know if anyone else has gotten the Makena shot. The one that goes in the arm, if so, how did they deal with the pain. I’m currently 20 weeks I can’t take the pain and the Side effect anymore. I had my son 11 years ago, and he was born at 34 weeks. Had my Daughter 5 years, but got the Makena shot in the butt, now they are not doing the Butt shot. Only the arm. I can’t with the pain, the swelling the itching. I literally cry because of the pain. Any recommendations or has anyone has stopped the shots. Please help. I’m stressing. Thank you!


The office I still work in administers in the buttocks… So… I’d insist it there…

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I opted out of the shot this time around. Currently 22 weeks. I know what you mean, I just can’t take the pain and side effects and I need to continue to work to provide for my family.

Talk with them and tell them what’s going on(if you haven’t already) and I’d ask to have them administer it in the buttocks. It shouldn’t cause you that many complications…

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It was a different shot… but… those symptoms…
If they aren’t normal…

I had those kind of symptoms. I had a sterile abscess. The person who administered the shot missed the muscle. I had to take strong penicillin. sulfur drugs etc… made me even sicker.
Eventually it all cleared up.

When I take them since I was told they no longer offer the hip here in missouri, me and my dr tried everything and was told auto inject into arm. I stopped my at 30 weeks and hoping for best. i took a ice pack and had it on there for 15 minutes prior to my shot straight on skin it burns but it numbed it for me and then used ice pack for a while after shot and massaged it and didnt move it much good luck mama

I had the shots in 2018 and I had them done in my buttocks and had severe reactions. (Nothing life threatening) ask for anti itch cream and after the shot I iced where the injection went. I had to stop at 30 weeks tho cause it got really awful for me physically but try and stick it out for the safety of your baby maybe your Dr can numb the area first or at least have the nurse who does the jnjection. Good luck

My daughter would rotate buttock and arm she just got done with hers

I’ve never even heard of it

I had the same issue with my arm and actually ended up blacking out from it. They started to give it to me in my butt at the hospital after I told them I wasn’t going to take it anymore. Have you asked your OB?

I didn’t do the shot in the arm. Mine was in the hip and the nurse put a heating pad on for me. I hope the shots help keep your little one in

I’ve gotten the one in the butt and it BURNS!!! I didnt know they do an arm one. My dr is suggesting a suppository this time which I didn’t know about either.

I heard that rubbing the area immidetaly afterwards helps

You maybe having an allergic reaction? Talk w/ your Dr.

I was on the shot my doctor stopped giving it to e and told me it was being pulled of the market.

I got the makena shot with my second son. I got it in my back- like love handle area. So it was in fatty muscle tissue. I didn’t even feel it and had no reaction or side effects. Maybe ask about changing the spot they’re doing it because of pain and reactions.

I had the same issue with the butt one. But i was told that I’d have to suck it up basically. Ice packs helped. Lots of massaging the area

I got the shot in my hip and arm. Arm is wayyyy better. Basically soon as I got it, I’d massage it til I got home, and use ice on it. It would take the heat and swelling out of it. But I would still massage it through out the next few days. I got them twice a week, so by the time it quit hurting so bad, I got another.

It really depends on where you get the shot.
Make sure your trading arms, the person giving it to you isn’t holding the fatty part of your arm too tight, make sure it’s fat not muscle that the shot is going into.
Massage the area after.
Honestly it’s going to hurt but it’s worth it. I did it for 20weeks each with both babies in 3years.

U can do them at home and if you do just has SO or some one close to you do it in the butt lol I had to switch with my last from cheek to cheek and arm to arm bc it’s a thick sirum that is why it hurts so bad