How do you deal with your fussy kids?

Does anyone else struggle with fussy kids? My nine-year-old son, is so fussy, he will literally go to bed and refuses to eat till breakfast time.! I’ve tried cooking his favorite food twice a week, but he always demands it every day. I’ve also tried to only let him eat fruit when he gets home from school. Please help mama’s x. Any advice would be awesome!


A great saying in my house is " you get what you get and don’t throw a fit."


Stop allowing it. Put your foot down. You are the parent.


Maybe try taking him grocery shopping. Have him help pick ingredients out (fruits veggies side’s etc) have him help cook dinner and look up new recipes to try. Have him watch some new recipes and see what he would be willing to try. It helps

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When I was younger, I struggled with anxiety a lot. I didn’t know that’s what it was at the time, but it would get overwhelming and I didn’t want to eat even my favorite foods. All I wanted to do was lay in bed and read or do homework. That may not be it but it might be worth talking to him and find out if something is bothering him.

If he doesnt eat he doesnt eat. He will eventually get hungry. Its not fussy its trying to take control and have you cater to him so he gets what he wants. My 8 year old just broke this habit somewhat still a struggle sometimes but she now eats what is offered. And fruit and veggies are always offered no matter what time of day instead what they “want”

Kids Eat in Color

Always has good tips on picky eaters :blush:

If he’s hungry he will eat. Right now he knows if he stresses you out about it he gets his way. Just male it clear thisnisnt a restaurant and you either eat or don’t. Period.

Keep doing what youre doing. He’ll eventually eat whatever you make. My 10 year old isnt picky but some nights she just doesnt want dinner so i just make sure shes hydrated

I would let him go to sleep hungry and ignore any inappropriate behavior. I spent many nights hungry as a kid because my mom wasn’t about to put up with that. I survived.

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Eating is a choice. Everybody eat when you get hungry enough.

Hes 9, he isnt gonna starve himself if u dont cater to him. Tell him suck it up and make him try new stuff.

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My mom had a rule: eat what I make or there is cereal.


I struggle with my 2 year old too. We are working with an OT, but I just put out what I’m serving and if he doesn’t eat then he doesn’t eat. I worry about his weight, but at 18 months he was in the 98th percentile on weight, so I figure he has the wiggle room. Some nights he sees what’s for dinner, after he didn’t want to eat his lunch, and he literally just breaks down in tears and sobs. It breaks my heart because I can’t explain to him like I can when my 11 year old wants crap food instead of what I’m offering. I let him go though. He gets a cup of milk with supplemental toddler formula (and sometimes fruit/veg puree) in it at bedtime, so he’s at least getting some calories and vitamins before bed. We are just working slowly on trying new foods. That’s all we can do until he’s old enough to communicate back and forth about trying new foods or eating some of what he’s served. According to the doctor and therapist, unless he is losing weight, there’s really no reason to give in other than you don’t want to have the argument. But that’s part of having difficult kids who you are trying to keep off of “My 600 lb Life”.

Just stop giving in. He will eat when he is hungry. He knows you give in. Let him go “hungry” a couple nights until it clicks that you’re not messing around.

Seems you have already tried just letting him starve until he is hungry, I would tey taking him shopping with you and let him choose some meals, make deals, you have can have your meal twice a week but if you want it three times you have to try one of my meals. Texture could be a big thing also for him so I pay attention to what he can actually eat and figure out the similarities

When I was a kid we had to eat what was cooked for dinner or don’t eat nothing at all eventually I started eating what was on my plate :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Grow up n be the parent not his friend…


My 9 year old does this some nights too but then regrets it come the following morning when it causes him to throw up because he didn’t eat the night before. On nights he’s being extremely picky we make another option available so he doesn’t end up waking up throwing up due to refusing to eat what we serve. He’s starting to come around on some meals that he would just plain out refuse to it only to recently coming to the realization that he actually liked the meal we served and he got very upset with himself for all the times we’ve had that meal and for the longest time he refused to eat it. This most recent improvement was for Spaghetti. We can finally have it without any complaints from the peanut gallery.

He won’t starve. Offer him food each mealtime. If he chooses not to eat it then he waits until next meal. He will out grow it if you remain consistent. Talk to him to see if there is something deeper that’s bothering him. He could be asking for attention by this behavior for reasons other than food. His behavior could also be his asking who is in charge and if he is an adult yet.