How do you deal with your fussy kids?

Think kids today taste buds are diffrent…Try to tell him if he will just try it …He will get a treat…Kids are funny he won’t starve…My grandson has autism and only eats nuggets…pizza…mac and cheese…fries…Hes 21 now and survive

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My son is picky too. He’s 8. Nutrisure from weis has helped him gain weight.

I make a variety for each meal and I make sure there are at least 2 items that he likes.

I tell my grandson to try it and if he doesn’t like it then spit it into his napkin

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My 10 year old is awful

Not a short order cook. You eat what your served or you don’t eat at all. He’s also old enough to make himself a “pb&j”. Im only a short order cook when someone is ill in this house otherwise fend for yourselves


Well you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. Let him go to bed without dinner, it’s not going to kill him.


This is what’s wrong with kids! If I’m cooking mine is at the very least trying what I’m making. I don’t make separate meals. I cook, she eats. If I make something I know she can’t stand then I make an extra side for her. But she even tells her little friends when they come over “you have to eat what mom cooks or don’t eat”! I’ve never understood the “I only fix what they like” s$$t. Be a mom and not a buddy. It works. I have a 7 yr old that will try anything and only dislikes a few things and that’s because of texture. When we go to ethnic restaurants she shares whatever I’m eating. I’ve never let her order off the kids menu because “she might not like it” .


He needs to be a helper in the purchasing and fixing of his own food. He needs to have some control. My daughter was so picky, but we found out she had irritable bowel syndrome and lots of foods made her be in pain. She gave up meat and dairy and walked a lot and was much better. Has your son had a good physical?


I included the kids in the cooking. I found if they help make it they were more inclined to eat it. I also asked their thoughts and suggestions. They’re grown now (36,33,28)and everyone is a super cook! My youngest is still particular but is more open minded.


Our rule was they had to sit at the table with the family and had to taste everything on their plate… we called it a “no thank you” bite. If they did not like it they just said no thank you. The only other thing they could have was a peanut butter sandwich but they had to make it themselves after dinner was over. It happened very rarely but at least I felt it had some nutrition. Nothing else until breakfast.


I would stop the snacks after school before dinner. If the child eats dinner than can have snack before bed. Make the child sit a the table with family during meals weather they decide to eat or not. By 9 should be old enough to know you dont always get your favorite for dinner.


One of the biggest problems is kids accepting they are told No… A kid needs to understand the you won’t get what you want all the time. So say okay and go. We ate what mom cooked, Or you didn’t eat at all. But mom usually had under $50.00 to spend on groceries for 3 people. if we was lucky. My one meal of the day was school lunch. Yay had a father who didn’t pay $182.00 child support for 2 kids. My grandsons help with cooking and know who to make pb&J and noodles.


My rules with my kids was you must eat 3 bites of each thing we fix, then if you don’t want to eat more that is fine, but i am not fixing anything else. Yes, they could fix themselves pbj, but no dessert or snacks unless they ate the meal. the 3 boys are grown and very diverse eaters. They like sushi, I tolerate it.


Let him help plan menus/ look up recipes. Pick out 5 meals he likes or have ingredients he likes. Involve him in shopping/ meal prep on the weekend then help him with quickly cooking or putting the meal together in the evenings. Make sure everyone praises his efforts and the meals. He may try new things and see that he can incorporate some of his favorite things into meals that the family enjoys and that are healthy. Worth a try and may save you some time in the evenings too.


When my kids were like that, they went to bed without eating. But before they did, they had to put the food they didn’t want to eat that I made in a container and eat it for breakfast the next morning. If they didn’t eat it for breakfast, then lunch. They stopped doing that quickly.


He won’t starve. It is a power play. You need to stand your ground and let it be known that he either eats what you cook or he goes to bed hungry… apparently he has no problem with that.


Most foods I’ve seen kids claim they dislike are ones they have no clue what’s in it. Have him help make meals. If he refuses to help and he complaims and won’t eat, let him skip the meal.


Believe this or not, I never forced my kids to eat if they didn’t like what was served…however before bed I would give them a snack so they didn’t go to bed hungry. They both grew up fine and have healthy eating habits. Lol. Call me a bad mom, but it worked for us.


Kids won’t starve themselves. Buy and put in front of them healthy nutritional food. They will eat it. A lot of my friends have picky kids but they also have junk food at there fingertips. It’s counterproductive and won’t help.