How do you deal with your fussy kids?

He’s 9. He’s going to go thru growth spurts where he eats everything he sees and times when he don’t want to eat at all. It’s normal. Don’t withhold fresh fruits tho. Those are good for him. And don’t stress so much over it. Make your dinner and feed your family.


My boy is super fussy. He is now 17. And a healthy solid dude!! He still only eats chicken corn cheese pizza apples plain yogurt grilled cheese We thought it was impiety to feed our child and as he gets older he will figure more stuff out. I say just feed him


People!! Stop enabling your entitled children. The world has to deal with them!! If you make something for any kid over two years old and they dont eat it, then it’s on them! My doctor always told me, they will eat when they are hungry. When a child over three is fussy, it’s time to a good old fashioned spanking. Who is the parent here anyway!!


Only feed him what every one else is eating. If he don’t eat, that’s to bad. He will eat when he is hungry enough.


My daughter has sensory issues with foods, it is actually more common than you may think, yes they will refuse to eat and get sick. We are attempting to slowly i introduce foods, she only has to to try one bite, but when she starts eating a new food she will earn a small reward. It is not always about the child being spoiled.


He’s not gonna starve let him go to bed without dinner let him say no I’m not gonna eat that. But don’t provide choices. Your way. You are the parent. Children need discipline they need structure and rules. Life will be easier with consistency.


I once slept at the dinner table because I wasn’t allowed to leave until my meatloaf was gone. My mom then tried to get me to eat it for breakfast so I opted to go to school hungry. By the end of the school day my resolve had dissipated. After a stern talking to things got back on track. I think I mightve tried it once or twice after that but that was it.
At the end of the day your child is making a stand and you are giving in. Even doing it twice a week to appease him is just empowering him to continue pushing for more. There is no reason he can’t eat what is served, stop letting him call the shots.


Respect absolute dislikes. But forget fixing his faves every night. He’ll survive without dinner a night or two. When he is hungry, he will eat what you give him. Avoid emotional blackmail using food.


When my daughter was around 6 all she would eat was cereal. I talked to her doctor and he said let her eat it as long as she eats something she will be ok. Lasted about a month. Then she ate whatever I cooked. Never made special meals


My father believed that you either ate what was put in front of you or you ate nothing. We were poor and food was not always abundant to waste. Let the kid go to bed without eating and when he sees he is not really winning, he will stop the foolishness. You are the parent, it you let your child walk over you on the small stuff, it’s only a matter of time before they walk over you on the big stuff. This is why we have a problem with disrespectful “adults” in this country today.


make him sit at table with everyone eating. He refuses to eat fine but he should still be at the table with everyone . dinner as a family. He can;t go to bed until dinner is over. He should be expected to behave as part of the family. watching them eat and smelling the food might make him realize what he is missing and no supper no dessert rule.


My daughter was a nanny for a young man with the same issues. They agreed to a certain numbers of bites and an amount that went on his plate. Giving him some control was a great thing and he widened his range of foods.


Aint no kid every died from not eating diner and no snack don’t give in


Stop catering to him. He will not die from missing a few meals. If he dosent eat what you fix, he goes hungry.


I have a picky child, now 17. I have always only made one meal. You either eat or don’t even now. It used to take her an hour and a half to eat a serving of green beans. Now she will tell you and her friends… eat what mom makes, you won’t get anything else.


A couple of my kids tried pulling that stunt. They refused to eat dinner because it wasn’t something that they liked. So I put the food up for their breakfast and sent them to bed. Next morning, they didn’t get the fun breakfast like everyone else. They had left over dinner that they didn’t eat. My kids learned quick that you need to be grateful to have food where many others don’t. Now, they clean their plates and do dishes without complaint. So… let him continue his behavior and don’t give in to him. If you give in once, he’ll know you’ll do it on other things as well. Good luck.

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My son was a fussy eater when he was young, he would only eat bread. I made it for him anyway toast, plain etc. it doesn’t matter what he eats as long as he does. Ask him what he wants and maybe that will help. Even a milkshake will do as long as he doesn’t go to sleep hungry. Good luck.


One things is your child shoukd not be demanding anything! Really?
Either you eat it or go hungry.
Be the boss you are the parent.


Believe me kids will eat when hungry and what you offer. Stop pampering him. He is at that testing age and how can you control a teen when you give in to him now. You are creating another generation of entitled adults who feel thet deserve no matter what.


Is his favorite going to kill him? Let him eat it, he’ll get sick of it and try new things when he’s ready. He should have been already but oh well