How do you decide what presents are from Santa?

For those of you who have kids that DO believe in Santa, are all the gifts from Santa? How do you give presents? Do you do it on Christmas Day or Eve? Any traditions you do as well? Do you guys put all the gifts out at once on Christmas, or do you put all the ones from you under before?


This is our first year being able to do presents for our little guy. We did all bigger gifts from us, and were basically doing smaller things plus stocking from Santa :blush: were also doing two present Christmas eve (pjs and a book) and everything else is Christmas morning. Gifts from us go under once they are wrapped and ready, Santa’s goes under Christmas eve :blush:

We tend to put only a few presents out before Christmas and then once he’s asleep we put the rest out on Christmas Eve. We always give him one, maybe two things from Santa, and we explain to him every year that he can only ask Santa for one or two special things because there are soooo many other kids out there that Santa provides for. I try not to let them be super expensive items because I want him to know that it’s not about all that.


In our houses, we buy them and send them to Santa to wrap and deliver. We do a Christmas Eve box with pajamas, a book, a movie and snacks and everything else gets put out after they go to bed.
Helps me to keep from having to explain all the Amazon deliveries :grin:

I wrap all the gifts ahead of time and place them under the tree except for one special gift from Santa. It goes under the tree after the tiny people go to bed Christmas Eve. Stockings are also filled that night with goodies from Santa.

As for other traditions, we have a special Christmas Eve box. Each year I fill it with fun pjs, snacks, hot chocolate and a fun new board game. The kids get to open it together Christmas Eve afternoon and then we spend the evening listening to Christmas music, having snacks, and playing the game together.

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Christmas Eve we do pjs every year for them to wear to bed (usually Christmas themed). We then make snacks, watch a holiday movie, then read the night before Christmas.

Christmas morning, they get their stocking until everyone in the house is awake. Then we open presents. From Santa, they’ll each get something small. The rest are from us (or anyone else that had gifted us).

Depending on if we have family visiting or not usually determines whether or not we open family gifts (besides from mommy & daddy) on Christmas Eve or wait until Christmas.

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The expensive presents always come from the parents. The less expensive from Santa. We do the 4 rules

  1. something to Read
  2. something to wear
  3. Something they need
  4. something they want
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The big gift is from Santa here. Its never wrapped. I wrap everything christmas eve when hes sleeping. We do a christmas eve box as well.

We decorate a little for the holidays, but Santa brings the tree and all the gifts. He knows where all the ornaments are stored in the garage, and where mom and dad hid the presents. Because he’s magic. Keeps the kids from getting into things early, and there’s less worry about babies/toddlers and the tree. It also makes Christmas morning super exciting. :christmas_tree:

We do smaller gifts such as socks, bubble baths, pajamas, stockings, candies, etc. from Santa. And the other gifts from mom and dad :blush: we also mix them up under the tree and play elf on Christmas morning and hand out presents one by one! So it’s not so chaotic and more enjoyable for everyone :heart:

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I give most gifts from us. The big gift is always from mom and dad. Santa gives a few gifts. We put all gifts from us under the tree ahead of Christmas then Santa’s gifts go out Christmas Eve after kiddo is in bed. Another tradition we do is everyone gets Xmas eve jammies.

All gifts come from Santa and they are wrapped under the tree on Christmas morning.


No santa here just gifts under the tree

We have always done stockings and one larger gift from Santa. The remaining gifts are from us, (mom and dad). That way the kiddos have the excitement of seeing what Santa brought them and then we get to see how happy they are with what we gave them too. Plus, I always put chocolate coal in the stocking for my husband and myself and our girls get an absolute kick out of it! I also plan to do a Christmas eve box this year that will have Christmas pajamas, new slippers, a book. And then I will have a basket of goodies filled with popcorn, snacks, and hot chocolate to enjoy while watching Christmas movies!

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Only 1 and the stocking stuffers are from Santa.

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Christmas presents under the tree i get credit for… Santa only gets credit for the stocking. I also do the pajamas and movie with snacks and hot chocolate in Christmas eve

We have no tried and true rules other than matching pjs on Christmas Eve. My son’s birthday is Christmas Eve as well so he gets TONS of gifts so we try and keep it small, but well…

I usually make the smaller gifts from Santa! Like my youngest is getting a peppa phone and my oldest some princess barbies. Everything big and expensive comes from us


Santa brings one present and fills the stalking.
The santa present is usually the very best or the most favorite thing that is being asked for. Santa does not wrap the present. Also, santa gets things that mom wouldn’t get for example one year was a hover board and the next was an electric scooter.
This year my oldest knows so she’s expected to keep the magic alive for her baby sister. She’s mostly excited to move the stupid elf every night! :joy::woman_shrugging:t2::heartpulse:


one inexpensive gift per child from santa & their stockings.

And from us, we do a Christmas eve box(pjs, movie & a snack) & any other gifts.

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