How do you distance your children from family who work in hospitals?

My sons, dad, and I are not together. His dad works in a hospital in the ER. When COVID first started, I had to make the decision that until the numbers went down, he could not have our son. He was very upset about this and felt I was trying to be controlling. However, our son has respiratory issues and gets sick very quickly. I was trying to be cautious, especially being we didn’t know what this virus was at the time. They would still talk on the phone, and occasionally, I would drive past his dad’s house so he could see him from a distance and say hello. Now that numbers are going back up, I’m considering doing this again. Where I live, the hospitals are being overcrowded. I know a lot of nurses personally who are freaking out. His dad, however, is not taking it seriously, still wants to go out, take our son to birthday parties; he even thinks it’s okay to fly out to New York for a weekend and come back home to get our son immediately after. Is anyone else in this situation? Dealing with a spouse or a family member who works in the hospitals, and you’re paranoid about kids catching the virus? How are you dealing with those concerns? Do you distance your children from them?


Im going to be of no help. But he works in a hospital and STILL thinks those things are okay… the health of the child is priority.

I do have to add that I agree you shouldn’t be keeping him away if he’s taking proper precautions but going out to birthday parties and such isn’t nessicary


I’m surprised the dad is not taking this seriously being that he works in a hospital.


I’ve had 2 ppl i know die of covid id say video calls or phone calls only but thats just me i have a 2 yr old and a 3 month old

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How would you feel if you were the one who worked in the hospital and wasn’t allowed to see him? I honestly don’t think thats fair. The birthday parties and stuff sure. But my hubs works in a hospital and has the entire time and we haven’t taken any special precautions


If you were together would you allow him to come home at night? Your answer will depend on my reply.


My daughter works in the ER, I have asthma, and her dad has diabetes, and we also have a three year old son…she lives with us. The thing is, there are very good sanitizing, and personal protective equipment at the hospitals, she is constantly getting emails and having meetings about how to stay safe and is kept up to date with any procedural changes etc that have been necessary to accommodate the dangers of the virus. Nobody in my family and nobody she knows at work have tested positive, we haven’t even had a cold or flu in at least 2 yrs. as for his activities outside of work, well he might just be careless, but I think you should focus more on his carelessness outside of work because while he’s at work he probably is pretty safe.


Do you have a parenting plan? If you do have a court ordered parenting plan, then you don’t have a choice. You legally have to let dad have the child during his time. It sucks, but that’s the way it works. Dad sounds like he isn’t being cautious so this would be something to bring up to a judge for a temporary custody arrangement change.


Scary that the dad works in a hospital setting and is not taking this virus seriously. Scary not only for your son but his patients and coworkers as well. I’m on your side with this one I would most def not be comfortable sending my kids to his Home especially if the child already has underlying health issues… it’s not like your just trying to keep the father out of his life, your protecting your child!!! Maybe talk and figure out days you can do driveway visits, FaceTime calls etc. anything to keep him present in your child’s life but your ex needs to understand your doing what’s best for your child and his health


Courts have decided covid is NOT a valid reason to keep a child from a parent.


I work in LTC and we get tested 3 times a week!

This is not a valid reason to keep your child from his other parent. Many court systems have ruled on this. You’re wrong!


If u r working n e where that’s not ur home u have the same chances of getting covid as anyone else! I agree he shouldn’t take him out to parties but he should still be able to see the child


What would happen if something happened to his father and you didn’t let him see him? There are ways to take precautions. Meet at park or be outside. Im sure he knows if he is feeling sick and would tell you.


After experiencing covid, I say do not let him see him until numbers get better or until the vaccine comes. This virus is no joke!!


I with in healthcare and I take precautions just like anyone else. I have 5 kids and I’ll be damned if they get taken from me because of covid and it’s fucking numbers. PPE is there for a reason. Are you quarantined at home completely? Meaning no tp runs to target or food runs to cub. Yea I guarantee you are going places still. My children have reactive airway disease and we are both essential workers, you think we will just hand our kids off until numbers go down? Fat chance. This is ridiculous. Also if you look at the numbers children are least likely to get gravely Ill from it. 1 child death in MN as opposed to thousands of cases confirmed in children. Just be cautious and let him see his father.

I don’t think keeping your son from him is fair at all. Maybe just ask him to try his best to take the necessary precautions. Always wear a mask out, keep everything sprayed with lysol and wash his hands often. He shouldn’t be denied seeing his child because of this


Would you kick him out of the house until this is over, if you 2 were still together? I doubt it. I hope if you all have a parenting plan in place, he takes you to court.


I work in the hospital my self and I’m very very careful making sure that I sanitize constantly and I change outside when I get home. My son is not aloud to come near me until I’ve changed. That being said I don’t think it’s fair to keep a child from his parent because of the parents work place being a hospital. You have just as much of a chance of getting covid working at a fast food place or store as at the hospital


You are completely controlling and i 100% would take you to court for custody agreement so you couldnt pull this shit. Dont you think he is taking extra precautions out and about. Working in a hospital I would assume he would. You have no right to take away his child because you dony approve of things he does. You arent together YOU CANNOT dictate his life. If you are so worried about the dangers then take him to court. If the judge agrees with you then fine, if the judge dosent agree with you then tough shit. But until that happens you cannot restrict him from seeing his kid. Honestly if he does take you to court he can use that as an example to the judge of how controlling you are with the kid. Just saying