How do you feel good about yourself after you have gained weight?

So I’m used to be 98-100 lbs, always been really small. I’m 5’0. Well, in the past year, I’ve been 130-140 and can’t seem to get out of that range. I try to work out, but it’s hard with everything that I do. Stay at home mom of 3, a husband who I take care of everything he wants and needs. (Which I genuinely love, that’s how I was raised) but no matter what I do, I can’t get past 130-140. I guess what I’m asking is, I know I’m not a size zero anymore (size 4-5) actually, and I know it doesn’t sound like much to some, but with how short I am, it shows. How do you ladies still feel so confident and sexy without being so damn small like I used to be? Don’t get me wrong, I see heavier girls all over that I feel carry it way better than I can. I just wanna know how do I do it? How do I still feel sexy? How do I become comfortable with myself?


Book a boudoir photo shoot. When you get your photos back, you’ll see yourself different and it will greatly improve your self image.


I have same problem I’ve gained 5lbs every yr since 50 I’ve been110 since 7th grade it’s not leaving if you figure it out let me know

I have always been about 110ish 5’2. After kids I am 125-130. I would say accept it. A womans body is sexy with curves and all. Much sexier than a skinny stick figure.

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Get your thyroid checked


:sob::sob: I’m 5’4 and usually 130 lbs but after these two kids I’m now weighing 184

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Go out for a walk everyday to burn some calories if u want to get rid of a few pounds. Dont eat 4hrs before bed and only drink water. If u like yourself that way get some sexy pictures taken. I’m trying to gain back the 20lbs I lost taking care of my mom. I’m 5"7 and I’m at 110 and I look sickly so extra weight is actually good as long as you feel good

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Self care, self acceptance, and take care of yourself. I’ve found that I’m the most confident when I am taking care of myself and getting my needs met (nails done, drinking lots of water, social time) and feeling fulfilled with my hobbies, school or work. I’m bigger but I feel beautiful. I’ve found that some women do better on a health journey rather then a “weight loss” journey. Don’t focus on how much you weigh but how you feel.


I am 5”4 and 185-190 lbs,
You have to keep in mine that your body goes through a natural change and some of the weight won’t be lost.

Baby, I feel the same way. I am also 5’0 and I am currently weighing in at 136. In June of 2020, I was size 2 -roughly 105 pounds- and in November, I was 132 and a size 8 in pants. It was VERY hard to accept my body but I’ve come to terms with it. It’s hard to see your body change after it being the same for so long but honestly, just be happy with yourself. That’s my only advice. Set fitness goals that are actually reachable and celebrate EVERY little victory. You got this mama! :heart:

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Hey, guess what activities burn off calories?? S_X…:+1::+1:

Just had a baby 5’1 180 and seems like I keep gaing cant get it off. Advice

Try intermittent fasting

I worked outside for years, got pregnant and still worked outside, jumping cars, moving cars, running all over until a week before I had my daughter. I was fit. After, i couldn’t loose all the weight, moved to a office, gained more. I got a meal plan for keto for my husband and I, we both lost a lot! We drifted from it for a few months, but didn’t go back to all of our overeating or anything so we still stayed way lower then what we were. We go on it off and on, i def recommend just lowering your carbs, and smaller portions…and a lot of water!!!

I’m literally exactly what you described, but 2 babies back to back and was only 80lbs when I met my husband but I remember that I’m a mom and a wife I shouldn’t be what I was in high school that was my princess weight and I’m a damn queen now, and it might show I feel better when I’m eating healthier and staying active throughout the day. Love yourself for what your body was able to do.

I used to be a pretty small 160 at 5"5 and after having my daughter 6 years ago I’ve gotten to 200 and I myself can not find the time or want to work out lol. So I kinda just take it as it is. I do think it might be my birth control which ill be removing out of my arm soon. But not sure if ill lose any weight.

To lose weight (and I am 70) do not eat at night. It is hard when Y R the one cooking food. The 1st wk is tough. I would eat a hand full of soup crackers. Give it a week and see if you have not lost some wgt. Then it gets easier

This is me all over!! :woozy_face: