How do you find the energy to get things done through out the day?

Ok so you are carrying precious cargo. There really is no reason he can’t offer to do the supper dishes, or a load of laundry etc. My husband is amazing, he works a 40 hour week, while I work 60+ hour weeks. He takes care of ALOT. I’m absolutely drained from working all the overtime, and then our 1 year old does not like to go to bed early at all. So we usually are up sometimes until 2am. You can still be a good wife and mother without doing 100% of everything

Get yourself tidied, and ready for your job being Mom. Then feed and attend kids. Then start the House stuff, but backwards… Set the dinner table, plan and prepare dinner, tidy up that area. Whatever time is left use for laundry, mail, bills, etc. Sounds crazy, but just mixing it up works for me. And don’t be so mean to yourself! You are pregnant, Girl! Stop every now and again to give out hugs and take a rest. And love those kids. They will be grown and gone before you know it. I remember. I’m 84 now and I was exhausted. Be kinder to yourself! And heed Catrina’s advice below. Sounds like she has it together.

If your energy is up in the morning consider crock pot meals that you can prep and set and forget. Then dinner is covered!


It really sounds like you need to take a nap in the afternoon after all your growing a little human in your body and that takes a lot of energy and strength out of the body.

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Enjoy the time with your kids. Maybe you can find a friend with children and make a playdate. You will have another mom to talk to and the kids can play. Hang in there it will get easier.

I understand how you feel. I had 3 close together too. Take your vitamins, don’t try to do too much at once. When the kids are napping try to take a nap yourself. Good luck!

Worked 40 to 50 hrs a week…had 2 kids and 2 parents to take care off.its part of life…should of thought more planning with the 3rd baby


It should be a joint effort with you and your husband. I’m sure he would be more than willing to help if you asked. If for instance he did the dishes while you got the kids ready for bed, Every little bit helps.
Covid has turned everyone’s world upside down the uncertainty of kids in school etc.
Don’t expect to much out of yourself you are 8 months pregnant which alone is exhausting.


My husband worked crazy hours and was happy to come hole to everyone alive lol. Take care of yourself you need to bank some energy. If the dinner is sandwiches and chips and the house is a mess it won’t end the world. Sounds like you have a great guy its ok to ask for help. Invest in an instapot its a lifesaver

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You are 8 months pregnant and being a stay at home mom with a 3 and 5 year old it is exhausting even being 8 months pregnant. Your kids can learn to help you out a little bit. I am sure hubby will be ok with a easy dinner or a little dust here and there. You need to maybe get help with the kids while hubby is at work just in case if you go into labor the last month of your pregnancy and so you can also rest. I had to toward the end of my last pregnancy which I was 36 when I had my youngest. She is now 5 years old and my oldest is 20 years I am almost 42. I know it isn’t easy but rest

Take it one room a day if you have to. You about ready to bring a new little blessing into the mix. The other mommas on here said exactly what I was gonna say. Get the kiddos to help you. Make it a game for them. Good luck and God Bless momma. Hang in there, you got this.

For goodness sake, you are 8 months pregnant and have two toddlers. Just keeping the kids feed and dressed is enough…and that goes for when you have the newborn also! You need a nanny, friend, sister, or relative to help out here.

Crockpot meals are the best, make the kids play in one room only, laundry gets done on the weekends when hubby can mind the kids, a little light cleaning every day to maintain the house and weekend for a more thorough clean.

You’re doing great! I had 3 under 4. Just try to make a schedule/routine, believe it or not it helps a lot. Keep working hard. It will work itself out and you will be proud of all the hard work you’ve done. Hang in there momma.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Play with the little ones, pick up the clutter, get some rest put your feet up. No one died from a messy home dad needs reminding he needs to help too.

Sounds like alittle depression?! I’m due next month currently 34 weeks pregnant and I am nesting with a lot of energy. I take lots of vitamins and suppliments or else I would be tired all the time. Prebiotic drink, probiotics, fish oil aloe Vera pill and prenatal. Deffiently have your kids help with cleaning up also will make it easier on you my 4 year old and 2 year old are responsible for picking up after their selfs. Toys go in the toy box, trash gets put in the garbage can are easy chores for them 2 do.

We all become overwhelmed talk to your doctor your neighbor I wish someone could be there for you we as women need to help each other no condemn each other wishing you compassion and peace

Firstly, dont be so hard on yourself, then make picking up and tidying a game for the children, yes your husband is a hard worker but I bet he couldn’t do your job half as well and lastly take this tip from an 88 yr. old who doesnt like to give in, space your chores - one chore and a rest time - repeat as necessary. God bless you are a miracle in action

Maybe up your vitamins ,have the kids help,take breaks during the day,make easy crockpot meals…
I’m sure your fretting for no reason & you’ll be back to your normal soon…
And your hubby understands!!

I’m a Mom of five. Three that are in school most days, if not they are remote learning also. I started feeling the way you do when this Covid stuff started. I found that taking a break around 1-2pm really helped. Crockpot meals have been a lifesaver for me. Once a week give yourself some you time. You need it. Good luck and hope things start being less stressful for you.