How do you find the energy to get things done through out the day?

Utilize a crockpot or slow cooker for your meal start in the morning or prep the night before Mississippi pot roast very easy roast , pack of au jus , pack of ranch dressing , stick of butter and about 6-8 peppronchi peppers put in crockpot everything dry add no liquid cook on low 5-6 hours don’t mix au jus or ranch dry right out of pack on top of meat

Growing a baby is hard work. I hope there is a way for you and your little ones to take an afternoon nap before your husband gets home

At 8 months pregnant I could barely get off the couch. Give yourself a break.

In 2004, I gave birth to a son. My daughters were 2 and 4. When my son was 6 weeks old, my husband went on the road with his job. We were living far away from my family and friends. I was 33 and exhausted. My house stayed a mess. I did the best I could and it was just fine. As my son got older, things got better. I was able to make a clean up schedule for the girls. We were able to get back into our regular bedtime routine. Now, that’s all a memory. It was tough but I did it and you will too. Seriously, make chores fun. I made a deal with my girls that we would clean up for 15 minutes, then play candy land for 15 minutes. I made a treasure box for a weekly prize for good behavior. I made a fun, colorful, cute chore chart with only pics, no words. Kids love to help. There are lots of little things they can do, but it has to be approached in a fun loving way if you dont want kick back. Good luck!!!

Remember you are toting that little dude around with you! Don’t beat yourself for not being a super wife right now. If you feel you need a rest, don’t keep pushing it—take a little rest. You can take a quick power nap or just sit down for a little while. The laundry isn’t going anywhere!

Can you hire some help? Your 8 months pregnant and you need some rest and your body is telling you. You sound like and amazing wife and Mother. :pray:

Can a friend or relative help out? It seems you are totally overwhelmed. You need some help and rest. Especially since your due with another baby soon.

My 4 yr old helps
He can sweep, put up dishes, pick his room up, helps put up laundry…on cleaning days we take breaks for a game or story, etc but he REALLY loves helping out!

It’s all about doing the best you can do at any given moment. We really can’t ask more of ourselves than that. Be okay with that. It gets better over time. This is just the patch you’re in right in this moment. It’s fine. It’s what makes us stronger and wiser.

Be sure to take a nap with the kids. It give you a boost before dinner.

I have RA, my husband and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to food ready when he comes home. Its not gonna happen, he actually likes it this way. He can sit and enjoy a beer and catch up. With the kids I clean and do my duties but I’m not and never will be a super mom because I physically can’t. House is clean but I leave it towards 4 pm then I do it because activities from 3 people render it messy. Just give yourself a break and do it at a resting point of the day for others so you don’t break yourself cleaning after 1pm. Id never do that lmao.

You probably are tired because you are 8 months pregnant. Just take one thing at a time., most things you can skip if you need to.

Yeah don’t worry so much about cleaning. Husband needs to cope. You physically can’t keep up on that. He wants a clean house he can do it. As of now you all got too much on your plates.

If anyone says are there anything I can help you with say yes. Don’t try to be a super mom. Ask your husband for help on the small things.

Here’s tips and tricks
If your browning ground beef for.spahetti…brown 2 or 3 packs…pull out pots 1 spaghetti, 2 chili 3rd vege beef soup…
It takes same effort to brown the beef…freeze leftovers for days that your exhausted.

Bring home a 8ball for energy and pick up a girlfriend for a 3 some and I promise he will drive home as fast as he can.

Don’t knock yourself down you’re pregnant. That alone takes a lot of energy out of you

I’m 43 and my kids are 24 20 and 16. So I’m lucky. But when I was preg I had a lot of bed rest and was tired all the time and it was bad.

So we had to learn to just deal with what i considered a dirty house and sandwiches or frozen dinners for meals.

My husband was supportive as hell and when he got home he would help with whatever needed to be done…

He knew that it was temporary and really so is this. Maybe not covid or the kids being home etc.

But your being preg and tired all the time is temporary. Someday or the other you’ll be back to yourself again and the kids will eventually age out and be more helpful ( assuming you will have your kids do chores ) no judgment on that each family has their own ways about them.

So I mean you cant change anything right now you cant really do anything about being tired…

So take it day by day and learn to deal with things as they are and pick your battles for the day.

If your husband is as good as you say… he understands this and will also deal with it.

As for dinners… make use of dishes that cook all say so you start them in the morn or early afternoon and they can cook while you have down time.

Look at the chores and decide which ones have to be done right now vs what can wait. Toys can be thrown in the corner, towels dont have to be perfect, dishes can wait and soak over night. Etc…

Good luck.

Cut yourself some slack woman! You ARE amazing


If UD gone do the work stop dreading it just do it things go a lot better .