How do you get back into the dating scene?

Following cuz I have been single for 4 years as well. I have my routine, and not a fan of change. Maybe someone has some good idea

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With high expectations I would stay single if I was you. Men mess up as do women and looking for the negatives will only destroy your future relationships.

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Been single for 6 years now and having the time to myself is amazing sure it gets lonely but I am waiting for mine to find me now and until consistency plays some kind of part I ain’t budgeting but it is true what they say everyone has flaws just like we all do so just follow your gut not your heart :heart:

I’m very happy that you have grown to love yourself. I too am learning to embrace who I am. Now that you’ve got that under your belt and are comfortable being alone, why jump into something? I’d keep open to the idea, but not necessarily be actively ‘looking’. If that makes any sense. From what I see, it works out better when you aren’t looking. That’s when the right one comes to you. Don’t be afraid of being too picky. A red flag is a red flag. No matter how small. Don’t overlook them. That’s how we get ourselves into trouble! (: Good luck.

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Online dating is a possibility, so is speed dating (though might be nerve-wracking for an introvert), but I would suggest something like Events and Adventures where you can go on a fun activity (hikes, wine tasting, lectures, white water rafting, concerts, picnics, etc). You get to meet people in a casual situation with no pressure where you can meet a lot of people.

You will likely have to go through a lot of dross before you find a diamond or two, and the older you get, the slimmer the pickings. Participating in something you like is also a good way to meet people: volunteering at an animal shelter, stream clean-ups, bowling league, co-ed book club, church/religious activities, working on a campaign or issue, singing group (after the vaccine).

Do not look for him when you least expect it he will appear. Your story is very similar to mine. I was single 3.5 yrs the one day this great guy appeared and loves me correctly

Stay single! If my husband and I divorce I will stay single and do me and men :rofl: I liked being single. My mom has been for years and is totally happy. If you want to get back to it. Try a dating site (it’s a new age lol)

If ready to date, try a church singles group, or

Take your time and do not settle! You know what you deserve and a lot of men like to play games. It’s kind of hard with covid but maybe try to get out with some friends and maybe you’ll meet someone. Let it happen naturally instead of looking for it.

If your happy to be single then be single! My mum split with my dad 23 year ago a year after I was born and she was single and on her own so so happy for 18 years until she met her ex boyfriend he messed with her head so bad and she become a total different person! She then she split with him and found someone else and he abused her and messed with her head too! Shes finally got rid of him but he still tries getting back at her after 7 month! She’s phoned the police etc and they can’t find him, he keeps sending my mum money to her bank and through the post now she’s changed her bank details​:expressionless::expressionless: but she’s keeping hold of the money so she can show the police! Now she’s doing great! She’s loosing weight (even though she doesn’t need to) but after everything and her ex calling her fat all the time making her feel shit she got that in her head then so she’s doing it to feel better and she’s smashed it!! She’s lost 2 stone! She feels better now but she wants to carry on doing what she’s doing to loose a little bit more then she will be happy! Xxx

Who needs a man when you can have a dog?

Following! I have been sticking to the stay single advice. It seems like all of the people I know, not even thinking of dating yet, give out red flags. There’s no way I can see myself trusting someone again. I’ve been told there really are great, healthy relationships. I can’t find them in any aspect.

You’re going to get several red flags from several people until you find the one. Most men these days want a good time or a place to stay and not anything real. That’s why I been single 7 years. Last time I went out to “mingle” I ended up pregnant lol.