How do you get ink out of a dryer?

I washed and dried my husband’s coat without checking the pockets, and there was a pen in there. So now there’s ink all over my dryer. Does anyone know how to get it off? Or will it stain clothes if I don’t get it off?


Rubbing alcohol or magic eraser

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Following. I did the same thing. Didnt get on my next load of clothes but I cant get it off no matter what I use.

Finger nail polish remover

Mr Clean magic eraser. DO NOT use rubbing alcohol.

Hair spray will take ink off.

Magic eraser works wonderfully

Im not a professional, but I don’t believe I would use anything flammable in a dryer.


Toothpaste works on markers and hairdye so id try that?

You can soak some whites in water with a cap full of bleach and run the dryer a few times. This is the only thing that’s ever worked for me.

Hand sanitizer might work and try dry maker over it and see if that work too

Try skin so soft from avon put ona cloth and rub off

Happened to me too nail polish remover worked for me

As someone who has washed and dried several pens it will not stain clothes if left alone. But magic erasers would be worth a try… I no longer have the drier I stained with pens, nail polish, markers, crayons, … the list goes on. :laughing:

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I have ink all over mine from the same thing. I haven’t cleaned it. It hasn’t stained anything.

Get some pure 90% rubbing alcohol…i found it at Dollar General…I know it takes ink out of clothes

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Moisten Magic eraser with vinegar.

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Happened to me and still doesn’t come off. I had to throw all my scrubs to the garbage because I got ink on all of them. The other thing I tried was bleach worst idea ever. I had bleach stains on my next load I don’t know if it dried or when it was spinning it got hot and got on my clothes so 2 loads of clothes damaged. Now I still have ink and it’s dry and doesn’t stain my clothes.

I work in a laundromat and we use finger nail polish remover! Works like a charm!

Brother ran a sharpie through our dryer once… it didn’t stain any clothes thank goodness. At the time I was working, had a 2 year old, and was pregnant… I didn’t have the time or energy to clean it. Grateful it didn’t come off on the clothes!

So in my case- I did nothing and it was fine :woman_shrugging:t3::+1:t2: