How do you get relief for your migraines?

Anybody else suffer from migraines? What do you do for relief?


Peppermint oil and an ice roller

I used to get shot in the back of my head. They helped me for about 8 months at a time

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Pregnant now and got them bad in the beginning and since I can only take Tylenol and that doesn’t work on me my midwife sent me to physical therapy and it made a difference. Haven’t had major ones.

Botox worked wonders for me. I get it done every 4 mo

Tramadol,Diclofenac and paracetamol

Essential oils, ice, excederin migraine

My husband gets Aura migraines, blurred vision, emailed speech, throws up etc. He is on a prescription product called Nurtec…stops one in its tracks and he can remain at work/ still function that day. The doctor also can give you a coupon card to make it free at the pharmacy for a year. Idk if you were trying to avoid prescription products but ots worked miracles for him

Peppermint essential oil on your temples.

Honestly, Dramamine helps my migraines.

2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar in anything u prefer and add honey to taste and slam it bc not going to lie its rough will knock one out in 20 mins

Darkness and ibuprofen

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A hot shower, i sit on the floor and let the water runs on my head, feels so good! I used to drink a tea of fresh ginger,lemon and cayenne pepper ( powder) doesnt take good but it supposed to constrict the vessels to ur brain so essentially stopping the pain on a migraine. So that combined with a hot shower and a nap provided aome relief for me. I just started a migraine medicine, Rizatriptan. Im not one for medicine but its nice to have, knowing how debilitating migrains can be. Rizatriptan is working well for me

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Talk to your doctor. There are lots of prescription options, chiropractic options, etc.

I went to the doctor and got meds for it. Went from having them almost daily to maybe once every couple of months

Put your hands and feet in warm water, then put an ice pack or frozen veggie bag on the nape of your neck.

I have chronic migraines that never go away I have tried everything to get the pain to go away . Tried all kinds of medications pills and shot I’m on botox and that is not even helping my migraines been to chiropractor . Tried hot shower , cold shower drink crap ton of water , stop drinking pop, 28 days straight pure hell of a migraine that wont go away .
Until I can’t stand the pain anymore I go to e.r get a shot of tramadol then the pain is gone for a week .
If anyone have any new suggestions I will try anything keep my migraines away. It’s so bad my eye sight is gone for more then 4 hours where I am completely blind .


I use to get really bad headaches to the point they would admit into hospital and I was vomiting really bad and the throbbing pain was immense. Darkness and quiet and they would inject me to help stop me vomiting and then I had to sleep it off to recover. Aura can’t see is the first indication and then headache and vomiting. My eye sight goes really bad and I can’t see. I carry nuromol or take 2 paracetamol only when one starts up. They are not as bad as they use to be. I started getting them when I was 17 years old. I have a high pain threshold though.

Chiropractor and Ibuprofen. I have a few friends that got their faith pierced for their migraines and said it’s done wonders!

My mum suffered with migraine all her life went to the doctors a few years back and had allergy tests and turns out she is gluton and lactose intolerant xx