How do you get the pee smell out of a couch?

I swear by vinegar and baking soda! I have 3 dogs, one of which is still a young dog, plus a 5 yr old that has wet dreams. In a spray bottle I mixed white vinegar, baking soda and a bit of febreeze fabric mixed all in one. The vinegar helps with the pee smell and the rest helps it smell better. I’ll even mix some shampoo carpet soap in it on occasion to help the spots I didn’t notice for a bit with the smaller animals.

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Windex kills the amonia smell

Baking soda. Just leave dry baking soda on it for hours.

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Throw it away believe me you will not get the smell out of it

You can’t wash anything in the drier…you can wet the cushion well and put baking soda on it…and then vacuum it when dry…repeat if necessary

Rent a Ziegler machine and steam clean

Use oxiclean and Dawn dish soap

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I’ve always heard white vinegar and baking soda


Try a urine killer in the pet section

Bicarbonate powder for an hour…scrub with fairy dish soap…dish soap breaks dwn enzymes in pee and helps get rid of the smell also

Use either Windex or distilled white vinegar. They will both get out the smell.

Norwex mattress spray after taking a good carpet cleaner to it

Arm and hammer carpet powder, leave it over night vacuum in morning

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I take the cover off, throw it in the wash, if it’s a removable, take the cushion out and hose it down, use Dawn, get it all soapy and make sure you get both sides, rinse with hose and leave in the sun fir a few days, smell will completely be gone!!! Had to do it often when we got the puppy!!!:joy::joy::roll_eyes:


Throw the whole couch away


Mixture of vinegar, water & laundry detergent. Then follow up with baking soda

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Carpet cleaner machine

Can you do the soak in a bathtub?

Pet odor spray by woolite

Put baking soda powder on it an leave in the sun for the day , repeat if neaded