How do you get your active kids to sit and eat?

How do y’all get your active kids to sit and eat? When he does actually eat well is usually breakfast, and I sit with him to ensure we are BOTH eating, but lately, he rarely wants to eat, only wants to snack, and every time I offer him his food instead, I get a big fat NOOOOO AND RUNS he will be 2 in December & I’m truly just looking for the kid to eat he’s about 32 lbs very tall and big for his age but still feel he isn’t eating enough

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My daughter does this and I just say whatever. I guess she’ll eat when she’s hungry. I think the hardest part for me is wasting food. I’ll prepare foods that she normally likes just for her to refuse it. If all she wants to eat is fruit and yogurt I guess that’s all she wants to eat right now. I can’t force her to eat stuff so it’s whatever :woman_shrugging:t2:


My daughter does this. But she is cutting her back teeth. Sometimes if they have teeth coming in they may not eat as much.

What I did was have little snack bags of meat cheeses and veggie sticks and allow mine to grab and go. Like have a veggie bag next to a little dipping cup of greek yogurt that way at least he was getting protein and veggies in instead of sugary snacks. Maybe add in a pediasure :woman_shrugging:


I let my toddler eat how she’s comfortable and she’s 15 months and crazy I just put food on the side of her high chair when we are up stairs or on a specific plate for her if we are downstairs. N she grazes.

Unless she’s on our laps sitting and eating for more then 5-10 min isn’t happening

Maybe try getting a tray and putting finger foods in it and set the tray in a neutral spot. My son would eat like a bird and this helped! They think they’re too busy at that age lol

My 4 year old is like this he has autism and somedays he will barley eat doc has me giving him protein shakes during the day to try and get him to gain weight

tolld mine they would ger fat feet

Both of my kids went through this for a while. I faught and faught at meal times and eventually just decided to let them “snack” all day. But instead of snacks I would give a part of whatever meal it was close to time for. They come for another snack… another part of that meal, dinner was a struggle but as long as they ate what I felt was a healthy and substantial amnt throughout the day I would be more lenient with dinner, and of course there is the option for a dessert after dinner if you eat what you have been given(which is usually a good motivator :yum:)

Kids are naturally snackers, as all humans should be. We aren’t actually designed to have large meals. What I did when I kids were small is give small meals and only offer healthy snacks.

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I used to worry about my youngest not eating enough but let him listen to his body. Eventually I saw a pattern tho, he would eat very little for about three days then he’d eat and eat and eat for a day or so. I just always made sure that the food was healthy and let him listen to his body. He’s been like that his while life and is very healthy.
There’s some really great advice here, I just wanted to add that maybe watch for a pattern.

My son is 3 now n has been like that since about 2. He’s tall n skinny the dr said he’s perfectly healthy and fits well on the growth chart. He is a busy boy and I can rarely get him to eat anything. He now gets a carnation good start once a day and 1 cup of whole milk before bedtime. Usually when I do get him to eat its only when I’m eating and feeding him passing bites meaning he’s literally running past as I give him a fork full lol


My son did this too. His pedi said he’ll eat when he’s hungry. Don’t force him or push it on him. And he’s a very healthy 17 year old now.

Stop with the snacks until he eats his meals.

I don’t, I let him take bite in between play. He eventually finishes his plate. He’s three and that can be a long time to sit :woman_shrugging:

Its the age. They will eat when they are hungry. Hang in there momma🥰

He won’t starve himself trust me :woman_shrugging:t3: he’ll eat when he hungry . Don’t force him to eat if he doesn’t want to eat

My son has sensory issues so most days it’s just giving a ton of snacks in between meals because he just isn’t up to sitting long for dinner or lunch or even breakfast. We do add paper and crayons or a tablet while he’s sitting and eating to keep him in one spot and also use a booster seat with straps for the kitchen table so if I’m busy I can just buckle him in and do what I need to do. He’s happily sat for up to an hour with some crayons and his lunch. It’s not a battle worth fighting for us. As long as he eats we just leave it alone since he’s had plenty of food and stomach issues since birth. He’s now 3 and started back to being super hungry all the time and even tasting new foods. As long as the kid eats and you can kind of mix it up with the snacks and what not I say just leave it alone. Pushing and fighting to get them to eat only stresses everybody out more and causes nobody to eat.

My 5yo does this and has since he could walk. As long as your son is meeting weight/height and developmental milestones, I wouldn’t worry. Kids eat when they want, just like adults. Not everybody eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner and at the exact same times every day. I’m sure some days you’re hungrier or not in the mood for food at noon. Kids are the same. I let mine graze on healthy snacks and offer meals but don’t fight if he declines. It’s not worth the hassle to me. My 5yo is only 38lbs now, but he’s perfectly healthy and in the 50th-ish percentile and has a normal BMI. I really wouldn’t stress it unless the dr said something.

Let him snack. When my kids get like that I give them snack portions for meals