How do you handle an infant and a toddler?

So mommas, exciting news. Just found out I’m pregnant after I came to you guys last year expressing I had a miscarriage and I hadn’t known I was pregnant; well, fast forward almost seven months, and I’m pregnant again. I’ll now have three on my belt; I’m excited but nervous. I have my bonus baby; she’ll be three this year, my little monster who’s 14 months, he’ll be two this year; how do I handle a newborn and also deal with the task of the toddler stage? I’ve got my bonus baby potty trained, so she’s good to go for preschool this year, however. I want them all to feel loved. Equally, I’m a small woman, and this is going to be a physically exhausting task for me; I don’t want them to feel like I don’t enjoy their company because I’m pregnant and such. I guess how do I introduce a new baby into an already kind of hectic schedule lol? I want all my children to feel loved and special to me; I’m nervous the new baby will cause some jealousy amongst my other two; I want this to be a happy experience for all of us. I want them to know their new sibling is a blessing, just like they are. How do I do that?


I have 8 year old,5 year old,9 month old and twins due in April, Pray and pray hard l ol

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Easy just be you. None of mine felt left out. My daughter was 2 when I had her brother. She took over that baby like he was hers. My oldest was 8 when I had the youngest. He was a big help.

Hold on tight and enjoy the ride

Just have some wine every once in a while :woman_shrugging:

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Girl just do the best you can. You do you. It will take a while to get your groove but you’ll be totally fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Encourage the older ones to take part in doing for the baby. Safe things like reading a book to him/her before bedtime or fetching their favorite toy. Encourage love and nourish a good relationship between them and they won’t have jealousy. Don’t act like they can’t be around the baby or that you can’t do something because of the baby. That will have the opposite effect. Good luck I did it with four little ones and they turned out great, you got this!

I had three babies in three years I survived however the two oldest used the baby for a bowling ball,she grew up to be strong and

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Believe it or not, you’d be surprised about how helpful toddlers really are when it comes to a baby. But I can’t stress enough to make sure you make time just for the toddler because they can feel left out super easy. I learned that with my first two boys.
You will find a good routine for your little family. :heart:

Include them in everything you possibly can whether that’s ultrasounds, baby clothes shopping, nursery decorating, etc. And when the baby is born, include them in helping you out. Also, make alone time for your other two kids. A simple date to an ice cream shop, etc.

I have 7 siblings, and there might be some jealousy between siblings even when they’re included. It’s pretty normal. The fact that you’re worrying about it makes you a great mama though! You’ll do great. Congratulations!


I had a 15 month old and a newborn and honestly I forgot how much newborns sleep! Which made things go a lot more smoothly! Also the baby will be use to all the noise in your belly so should sleep through all the noise once the baby is here! It was amazing to see the love between the 2 it was tough but to be honest 2 toddlers is so much more difficult they don’t joke :joy: it’ll be an adjustment for everyone so be sure to allow the kiddos time to adjust but my girls are now best friends sure they bicker but seeing the hugs and snuggles make everything worth it, you got this and remember to give yourself lots of grace!!

Expect jealousy and a tad of resentment but eventually they get over it. I spend one on one time with my toddler when he naps and when I’m able to I take her and my oldest (7) out by ourselves on the weekend even if it’s drive thru Starbucks or a target run. My middle daughter is three and extremely helpful. She grabs whatever I need and hates to hear her brother cry but she didn’t like him at first as seen in the photo.

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I have four of my own and they are pretty close in age. I’ll be honest. Yes, it’s hard and exhausting but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Here some ideas:

  1. Make them part of the pregnancy journey. Explain to them what’s going on. Invite them to say hi to the baby in your belly.
    Let them help you get ready.
    (There is great few episodes by Daniel Tiger that can help!)
  2. Buy a baby doll and practice with them how we treat a baby. This will especially help your 3 year old. Show them how to hold the baby and show them what you don’t do.
  3. Make sure you spend time with each one each day even if it’s only 5 to 10 minutes here and there
  4. Let them help take care of baby. Have them throw away diapers. Hand you things you might need that are out of reach. My three old liked to sing our youngest when he was still Itty bitty.
  5. Make sure you have a swing or one of those infant seats that vibrates so when you need to tend to the others you have somewhere safe and soothing to set baby down. Of course if carriers are more your style that’s cool too. I am so clutzy i didn’t trust myself with those. Lol

Most of all just know you’ll get stressed. You’ll have moments when you loose it, but you’ll be fine. Just like before you learn as you go and take a moment at a time. You’ll adjust and those sweet moments your kids with each other will be worth the chaos.

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Mine are 14 months apart and while its hard some days you will figure out what works for you and them. I started right away getting them both on a routine.

My kiddos are all 2 years apart. My oldest will be 6 feb 17, my middle will be 4 in april, and my youngest will be 2 in September. It is rough. I’m
Not gonna lie. I feel like my middle is acting out because he isn’t getting the proper attention he needs. I do my best to cuddle and take him places on his own. I include them with making dinner and helping with their baby brother.

Just cross the bridge if you get there , all of us are the perfect mom to our young/s.

You got this momma, my 2 oldest are less than 2 years apart. Once the baby came I let my oldest “help” with bottles or help with diaper changes.