How do you help your child through tantrums?

Just curious what other parents do as techniques to help their child get over whatever they may be having a fit about…

My kids doctor just says just let em finish throwing it and make sure they don’t hurt their self in the process like throwing their self into the coffee table corner for example

Depends on where we are and what the fit is about. If we are home and it’s over something that I can solve easily, I just keep asking questions until my 3yr old daughter feels like she’s said what she needs to. If she’s crying over something that’s a firm ‘no’, she gets sent to her room till she’s done crying, if she kicks the ground or the door she gets whooped. But she needs to be done crying before she can come out, then we either change the conversation or we have to have a longer conversation about why the answer is no. Every time is different, but I do not allow tantrums. The more you let them throw fits the more they will, and the older they get the bratty-er they’ll be. I will not allow that.

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Just stand back and wait for the storm to pass. And hug it out after and talk about it depending on age.

Hand them back to their mother.


Honestly, it is their way of showing big emotions, sadness, frustration or anger. Depending on the situation at hand, sorry, I had to do the gifs lol :rofl: mom of 14 years and counting. If it is over something they want at a store, simply tell them that you did not come to buy that, it is not on the list, let them help you pick up stuff, let’s say, milk is on the list, when in that area, ask your child where is the milk? Get them involved. Cleaning up mess tantrum, say, hey wanna help mommy clean up? Where does this book go? Where does this toy go? Or where does this stuffy go? If the tantrum is about leaving the playground, simply say, we will come again soon, the playground will be here with each visit. If the tantrum is with transitioning, example: co slept to crib to tot bed, simply sit by their side till they are calm enough and half asleep before leaving their side. Remind them that mommy and or daddy are still here in the house and can hear them, that everything will be okay. Let them know it is okay to be sad, frustrated or angry. Validation is key for them to always have open communication with you, my parents did the same for me and in turn I am for my children. My 14 year old tells me everything :heart::blush:

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My son would get so mad he would hold his breath and pass out. Scared the bejeebes out of us. Doctor cheeked him and he was okay. No heart problems etc. Next time he started up told him no and he got worse so picked him up and paddled his backside and put him down and walked away he passed out. When he came around we told him what a bad boy he was and how we were ashamed of him and he never did that again. He is almost fifty now

I let them have their fit, but in their room or took them out to the car if in public. After the fit we would talk about it even when they were little. I wanted them to work through emotions but also know that it’s not acceptable to make a display in public or make the whole family miserable at home. I felt it was a bad example that they may think is acceptable once in school or on the job. Step away, have your moment and then push on through the day.