How do you hide your pregnancy around the holidays?

How did you hide your pregnancy around the holidays? I’ll be ten weeks exactly on Christmas Day, and currently, at seven weeks, it’s hard to hide. Both sides of my husband’s and mines family drink at least wine at Christmas, and usually, I don’t even ask. They just pour a glass. We aren’t telling anyone as we’re having complications and have recently lost a baby as well so are scarred.


I would say I was taking rx… and couldn’t drink. I also faced the same experience. Praying for God’s protection xoxo


Tell them you are taking antibiotics and you can have alcohol


Sorry to hear you had trouble. BUT be honest with them. As you stated you had problems before and I get keeping it safe til you pass 12 weeks… but if you can’t be honest at this point, tell them you just can’t attend, make up something.

You could wear larger clothes and refuse the glass of wine by stating that you are no longer a drinker of alcohol beverages

I agree with the others. Say you can’t mix alcohol with your meds. Good luck hun.


Don’t hide it. Let your family support you

Just tell them u don’t feel like drinking :woman_shrugging: what can they do?

Say your dieting and take your own vodka and soda water … Put water in the vodka bottle. :+1:


It’s none of their damn business! Pour water/soda/milk in a wine glass! Be sure to extend your pinkie as you sip :wink:


I’ve been there. Yes on antibiotics & you can’t drink while taking them.


Get a glass before they get there with grape juice, they’ll never know!

You could stay home because it’s COVID and avoid large gatherings that would put you and your baby at risk!


I don’t understand the need to lie. Just say you don’t want to drink.


Tell them you don’t want anything because you have a really bad headache and don’t want to make it worse. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I just told them I wasn’t feeling well. I also sat the whole time because I had a little gut. I didnt tell anyone until like 14 weeks

You are allowed 4 oz of wine or regular beer (ONLY) during pregnancy. BUT the meds interaction thing sounds like a pretty good idea.

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Say you are trying a new water challenge and you will have wine after you have a couple glasses of water(then proceed to drink water)… or fake sick and stay home lol.

Why are you risking your health by gathering for the holidays? Your priorities are kinda fucked up.


So sick of people throwing covid in her face. People shouldn’t have to stop their lives because everyone else is in a panic. Diseases and viruses have existed since tha beginning of human kind. I refuse to live my life any different than before this whole “pandemic” go with tha antibiotics thing! Great idea!