How do you interact with a 4 month old?

How do you play with a 4-month-old? I love to interact with my kids (I have a four y/o stepdaughter), but I’m running out of ideas on how to play with him. I find myself watching Baby Einsteins and on my phone, which I HATE! (No shame to mamas who do so) I read books and sing to him, but we can only do that for so long. Any ideas?


Tummy time…boxes and pots and pans on the floor and spatulas…just just like new things at that age and colors

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Tickle, make faces, funny sounds, any interaction is good.

At 4 years old try some arts and crafts for they love making things . But 4 months stretches and tummy time , tickles .

Talk a lot and narrate everything! Even though it’s not playing it’s so interactive and good for their development. Lots of music helped for me too. My daughter is obsessed with music she’s 13 months now

Ohhhh when mines were that small I talked to them all the time!!! I read books to them, sang songs, played classical music for them :heart:

I got a 5 month old he loves when we sit in the back yard n look at our pet chickens. He also likes me to put him on his carrier facing forward while I do my chores n I talk to him.

Rock him, play peek a boo, tummy time, sing to him, read him a book, puppet show, etc

Honestly there isnt much to do with a 4mth old. Just make sure whatever ur doing when ur giveing him attention has good vibes comeing from u.
U can even work out next to him(some try to imitate), encourage tummy time.
I didnt do much with mine, wed read a few mins, it was mainly bounce on mommy time &sound like a teradaktal(the flying dinosaur, lol) i did talk threw everything i was doing(random stories, talking bout the day, what i was doing and why, checking on him & his feelings/interests)


You play with them and talk to them when their 4 months old. Or give them baby toys and tummy time.

Attention… just what your doing… engaging with the baby… books, colors , talking, telling stories… your voice is what she will remember . Holding touch etc great job for doing what your doing !!

Books blocks, puzzles, familiar games like peekaboo with them are always good and comforting. Water play and other sensory items. Going on walks and mainly just interacting

They are hilarious. Interact with them and laugh your ass off. Also sing to them and they will dance.

Try a ton of different things and see what makes them laugh. My kid loved being on her back and I did push ups coming down fast and kissing her nose. Copy what body movements they do and they’ll notice. Try getting them to hit something to make noise. Tummy time. If he’s a foot locker, put him on his back or tummy feet right up against the wall or couch so he can push hself a little bit. Babies like adult music too. Mine loved korn, Metallica, old irish songs, country and danced a lot

Think of your baby as a curious little scientist.Babies love to touch and taste.Allow your baby to touch different safe textures such as cotton and silk.Messy fun is always great.Bubbles will entertain also.Allow your baby to have tummy time on the floor.Play a variety of music to see which one he or she prefers.Black and white color patterns also can stimulate brain development.Sing to your baby.Babies can pick out the sound of their mom’s voice in a crowd.Give your baby simple taste experiences.Enjoy this time because it goes by fast.

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Not much else to do . Maybe download the basic baby sign language. It will make understanding their needs sooooo much better.

Peek a boo, take baby and show them different things/lights/sounds inside and outside. Tummy time. Different things to get their senses and brains going. Sing. Read.

Baby exersizes while talking to your child.

Incorporate them into your daily routines. Do things like prop baby up while you fold clothes and give them a piece clothing to “help”, set baby in a bumbo or something similar away from the edge and stove on the counter while you cook. Give them a wooden spoon or object to hold while you cook. Talk to the baby like you would an adult.


Ditch the TV and just talk. Talk about everything you are doing. Babies don’t require a lot of toys and really shouldn’t be getting any screen time. Move them around to different location, position. Most importantly, talk sing or read to them.