How do you juggle work and home schooling your kids?

I’m the mother of an almost seven-year-old, she’ll be in 1st grade this year. We have an option to home school this year because of the virus. I’m just wondering how moms juggle work and homeschool if it’s possible, and how you go about the teaching process. I’m willing to quit my full-time job and get a part-time job with fewer hours. I’m just looking for advice/tips on homeschooling. My child needs one on one visual learning, and unfortunately, with our schools reopening guidelines, teachers can not be closer than 3 feet to the students. I don’t feel like she’ll learn very well under the new guidelines they have set.


Im a special ed teacher and 3 feet is just right across a table. I’m normally 3ish feet away so the visual can still be there.

I’ve been looking into this lately. So the good news is at elementary age, they only recommend about 2-3 hours of school per day. You do need to look up homeschool laws in your state. In MA you need to submit a curriculum to the school board.

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Is it homeschooling with you or virtual school with her teacher? If it’s virtual all you really have to do is supervise and make sure she’s watching videos/doing work. Actual homeschooling is way harder because you will be doing all the teaching instead of a teacher online

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This might help with a general time frame needed to home school. It also is going to depend on your state laws as well. HSLDA is a great resource on all of this for all states.

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Im right there with you. Except, I do only work part time and my husband is full time. I have 3 kids, 2 in elementary and 1 in HS. Ive decided to homeschool until this is all over. I dont have the heart to send them to what feels like ISS. They wont want to learn if they arent stimulated. And, our kids have to sit in front of a computer screen for the full school day. Not just a few hours. Idk how im going to do this, but Im committed and jumping in with both feet.

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I work 2 mornings a week and every other weekend. My oldest and middle daughters did the online their selves but my now 7 year old just did school work when i got home. But I’m definitely sending my kids to school if the school reopens…except my oldest. She will home school from now till she graduates.

Try Connections Academy if they’re available in your area! It’s an online public school with recorded live lessons and teachers that are phenomenal! The schedule is beyond flexible and all work can be completed at any time as long as it’s turned in by the end of the semester! They can get all of their work done on the weekends if need be! The homeroom teachers will call to speak with both parent(s) and child(ren). It was an amazing experience! I even learned a lot, lol!


i’m a stay at home mom so i don’t mind cuz i don’t want mine kids at school yet… if we can’t even be at the movie theaters yet, why would i want my kids to go to school

Home school is not that hard.I worked full time and my daughter learned at home

My kids used a program (Time4Learning) that’s more like a video game. It allowed me to be at the kitchen table with the kiddos supervising and doing my own work, but not having to be the “teacher”. I’m there for help or questions. When I had multiple kids , we had a ssytem where if kiddo #4 needed help, he asked #3. If #3 needed help he asked #2, #2 asjed #1, and only #1 asked me for help. It worked pretty well. There are some fees involved, but they’re low.