How do you keep carpets clean with a new puppy?

We got a puppy recently, and I want to know what you guys do to make sure your home (floors, carpet, etc.) stay clean from doggy. We take him out on a leash to do his business (because before he would step all over it outside, this way, we can make sure his paws are “clean.” he was also making holes). He has his kennel. He stays in at night. We wipe his paws each time he comes back inside. He is an indoor dog. We mainly have tile and laminate flooring. I find myself having to vacuum daily and steam mopping every other day. I also have to shower him two times a week because he starts smelling (which I’m told is bad). Is there an easier way to do all this? I have a newborn coming soon, and I’m worried because, with breastfeeding and my other kids, I don’t know how I will be able to keep up with the cleaning routine I have now. He recently started going backward on his potty training, pooping in his kennel, pooping in the living room, etc. and I feel like it would be best we rehome him. I have always had dogs my whole life, and I have never agreed with people who give up their dogs, but I am home all day long on my own, and I can only imagine dealing with the mess and having a newborn crying to be breastfed and my other toddlers. I am worried.


Puppys are like babys they take up a lot of time and attention.

Get them doggie shoes… saves the paws from the elements as well as keeps their paws dry

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If you dont want to take time and train him maybe send him too a obedience school

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This is what having a puppy is ? Teach him now


I wipe their paws out in the garage. I keep their clean towels in the garage then wipe them down when they come in from the rain and snow. They expect it now and I think they love it. It reminds me of drying my toddler out of the tub. Anyway, they love it when I gently wipe their furry faces then finish by wiping each paw.

So you got a puppy when you have kids and a newborn on the way. Not to be rude but that was a stupid idea. Having a puppy is tons of work! everything you said seems normal for taking care of a puppy. Your lucky the dog isn’t ruining your furniture and pooping and peeing all over ur stuff


Why did you get a puppy knowing you’re going to have a newborn soon? It’s like with potty training a toddler. You have to keep up on it. Lots of praise. Also there’s nothing you can do about the smell or anything. It’s a puppy. It’s probably eating poop outside and stuff. You really shouldn’t have gotten one if all your going to do is re-home them. I’m home all day with 5 damn dogs and three cats and a two year old with special needs. I’m just saying that you need to think about what’s best. Not for you but for that dog :woman_shrugging:t2:

Nothing will ever be spotless. You gave that up by getting pregnant alone. A puppy on top of it is just the same. We have 2 large dogs and an almost 2 year old. The best way to do it without losing my sanity is I dust once a week as well as vacuum every other day. It all works out in the end. No need to stress.

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That was a bold move getting a puppy when you already have toddlers and one on the way, they take time and patience to train just like kids do, you have to take them out frequently and be consistent, an I still have to sweep my floors daily with my adult dogs, it doesn’t stop.


Sometimes if they smell it’s their diet. You shouldn’t need to bath them more than once a week if really dirty. For flooring, it just is what it is. Our yard is a mud hole right now. We have the bedrooms gated off & make sure everyones clean before going in to bed. Other than that we wipe paws at the door & keep swiffers handy for daily messes.

Meh, you’re going to have a little dirt and a little hair when you have an indoor dog. Just remember that dirt in itself isn’t harmful. It won’t hurt the baby. You’re cleaning often enough that things aren’t accumulating. I know being pregnant sends reactions to tings into overdrive. Trust me. Keep your dog. He’ll grow out of the puppy stage and you’ll find a good routine.

You get rid of the mutt :joy:


Train him now. The puppy stage doesnt last too long. I’ve got 4 indoor dogs and a Roomba.
Honestly, an adult dog is much less messy than kids. Just wait, it gets a lot better.

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This is all stuff that should have been thought about before taking the pup into your home. Puppies are not easy. Puppies are messy. I’m not a fan of rehoming (unless theres a safety concern) because I believe a dog is a lifelong commitment but I think you need to decide if YOU are ready to commit to the dog or not. If you’re not ready to commit please find him/her a home that will before it’s too late.


Kids n puppies…home will never be “clean”…you can be shoes…but again…if you are going to be busy with kids and a newborn…probably would either be best, for the puppy, to rehome or pay for obedience training

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I have a mudroom. My dogs come in from outside and stay in the mudroom on industrial carpets until their paws are dry. I vacuum every day or every other day. Mine are grown and house trained… I would not have gotten a puppy while pregnant. When they were younger they were both very destructive. My older dog destroyed over 15 pairs of my shoes (my fault for allowing access). My younger dog chewed the bottoms of dressers, sofas etc. She had to be crate trained. She was ultimately trained to become a working dog and giving her a job helped her settle into her role in the house. It takes about 1 to 2 years for a dog to be totally trained and matured mentally IMO, depending on breed and drive. She is perfect now except for her shedding which isnt her fault. She gets a good brushing every now and then and I still constantly vacuum. I dont notice any dog smell in my house but I’m sure someone who isnt an animal person might. It is just something you live with. I have a baby due in 8 weeks and I wont be fussed by dog hair or germs… it just makes for a stronger immune system. That being said my dogs will never be allowed unsupervised with baby, not even for a minute.

It’s bad for the dogs skin to bath it so often. Seriously. Do some research


Don’t bathe your dog twice a week. That’s not good for them.


Very hard work puppy takes up as much time as a baby maybe best rehome now x

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