How do you keep up on house work with a newbrn and a toddler?

How to keep up on housework with a toddler and newborn baby? I’ve already tried doing a daily routine, but my washing is never-ending & dishes…struggling as I don’t have much support as well at home, partner works every day and comes home all different times, maybe I don’t have the motivation or energy, haha


Single mom with a toddler, a six year old and an 11 year old. Its almost impossible with my toddler to keep up on housework. Just target the main two chores and you have accomplished so much right there. I used to make myself feel sibbad for not being able to keep up on housework, when I’m also working fulltime, and caring for three kids. Your doing great❤

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I have/had to rely on my SO. It just can’t be done by one. It takes a team.


Your kids won’t remember that the house was messy. It’s more important to give them the care and attention they need at this age.


I hired a cleaning lady 2x a month

You don’t. Some days you have a list and it gets done but doesn’t look like it cause kids are rude and some days it’s all you do just to keep your cool and deal with your kids, roll with the punches and tell your partner to either help out or not comment on the state of your house. Houses are made to be lived in not show rooms💜 just do what you can each day and that’s enough☺️


I would tire my kids out, take them to the park, on a hike, just out and let them run they would take longer naps and I would clean

Single mom that did that with a 3 year old and a newborn… coffee lots and lots of coffee… get a schedule and keep to it no matter what! That’s the only thing that saved me… and coffee!


Housework seems to be endless for me. I have a 12, 10, 8, 1 and 3 month old, plus I work full-time (currently working from home due to COVID-19). I split up the housework and do them throughout the day. I tell myself it’s okay if the dishes pile up in the sink if I am busy and can’t get to them right away. My 3 older kids are great helpers and help me pick up around the house.


You don’t! you do what you can when you can thats it. You don’t kill yourself or stress yourself over dishes and laundry. You enjoy your children, it will all fall into place, the kids might be a little older but it will happen


If you can swing it, find a cleaning lady! Mine has helped literally save my sanity. She just does the bigger stuff that’s more time consuming for me like sweeping & mopping since most of our home has tile floors. Things like dishes, I try to stay on top of every day & clean the kitchen as I go so they don’t pile up & become overwhelming. I also get my toddlers to help by putting their toys & shoes away & clearing their own dishes from the table after they eat. I hope you find what works for you. Good luck mama you’re doing great❤

It’s impossible for the vast majority of moms, when you’ve got kids that small and it’s just you doing the majority of the work. You don’t keep up. You just do what you can.

THRIVE! I wish thrive was around 25 years ago with my older 3. Life would have been amazing. I had always felt like a pure failure when it came to house work & kids, as I had 3 in a row. They are now 25,24,23& I have a 13 & 7 now. Thrive has been kicking my ass into gear for the last 5 yrs, let me say how amazing it is. To be able to wake up take 3 simple steps of vitamins to put some pep in my step. My house is cleaned, laundry done & I have taken my life back health wise also. All before the kids can get up for school. :pray::pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: have a blessed & never stressed day everyone

You don’t, just do what you can and get to the rest when you have time

Welcome to the world of motherhood. You never have enough time in the day, you never get everything done in the day and you will feel defeated. You however have 2 beautiful kids and a SO. Stop worrying about what others do and just do you. A clean home doesn’t mean a you’re a great parent, just like a unclean one mean you’re a bad parent.

Lower your expectations lol. Everyone fed or have food :heavy_check_mark:everyone have something clean to wear even if it’s unfolded in the clothes basket on the livingroom floor :heavy_check_mark: vacuum run sometime the previous few days :heavy_check_mark: you don’t completely stick to your kitchen floor or counter :heavy_check_mark: babies loved :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heavy_check_mark:


If you have a toddler and a newborn, your #1 is to take care of them and make sure the toddler is getting attention. Anything else, just do your best. You’re healing up and taking care of tiny people. Don’t stress a little mess.

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I used to clean when they would nap and i would finish it at night b4 i would go to bed

As long as area wear babies are playing don’t worry about the rest. It can be done when there sleeping. They won’t remember house being a mess but they will remember the attention u gave them

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U dont keep up on it…u will get behind there will be piles of laundry and dishes sometimes it happens no biggie it not like some magic cleaning fairy is gonna come do it well u sleep although that would be awesome the mess will be there when u get to it right now take care of u first and those babies …people are more important!!! Those babies won’t be babies forever dont waste that time try to “keep up” on house work!