How do you keep up on house work?

What are some tips on keeping up with house work? ESPECIALLY LAUNDRY!


Wash dishes as youre cooking, youll only have a few when youre finished eating.


I make Sundays my mandatory laundry day since that’s usually the lazy/chill day around this household. Just pick the least hectic time out of your week to set aside for laundry.

I generally do mine once a week. My kids do their own

I ask my granny this question once and she told me it’s a every day job…


I do laundry when the basket is full, sometimes every evening and put it away with my husband that same night. Literally takes like 5mins max to fold and put away a load of laundry. Clean dishes while cooking. If kids are old enough, give them simple chores. Make their bed when they get up. Clean up their toys when they’re done playing before getting something else out. They right side their clothes before putting them in the laundry bin. Simple stuff goes a long way.

Accept that it will never get all done in one day. And forgive your self if you don’t get to half your list. I clean as I cook. Sundays and Wednesdays are laundry days. It doesn’t always work out but we try not to go more than 3 days without doing laundry. I usually do all the laundry. Fold it and my Husband puts it away. I spot clean as I am doing things. I try to deep clean my bath tub, toilets at least once a month. My kids have chores. Even my youngest 4 years old she changes the bathroom trash and picks up toys and shoes. My 7 year old is the kitchen table, wipe down the bathroom counter. My 13 year old is vaccum and kitchen trash, feed dogs and dog poop.

I do one load every single day! It’s super quick to get everything put away when it’s only one load and you’re not having to stare at huge piles of laundry all the time. When you wait all week to do it, it makes it a much bigger chore when it doesn’t have to be. I’m a mom of 5 and that’s what works best for me anyway lol


We go through… vicious cycles with laundry sometimes WE KICK BUTT and it’s kept up and then it’s not. My kids wash/dry clothes so we always have clean stuff but folding and putting away :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face: tonight we completed 5 loads tomorrow probably none.
Dishes we do every day sometimes twice and when dishes get done we also do counters and stove.
We bought one of these about a month ago and we vacuum every/every other day has definitely helped us be more aware.

Had to train myself to fold the laundry right out of the dryer and put it away right then so it didn’t pile up load after load.

I wash, dry, fold, and put up on load of laundry a day. Sounds like a lot but it’s a lot easier to tackle than letting it pile up a few days.
I unload my dishwasher while my coffee is making and reload it all day then run it before bed. I wash my pots and pans as soon as everyone’s finished eating.
I sweep daily, mop and dust every other day.
I wipe down/clean the sink and toilet daily and clean the tub every other day but always rinse it when I’m getting out every morning to keep the build up away.
When I change the kitchen trash I go ahead and grab all the bathroom trash and take it out all at once.
I wipe down my counters anytime I’m done making something on them and after dinner I wipe down the stove, counters, and clean the sink.
It sounds like a lot but I have two toddlers and I’m 9 months pregnant and work full time and it gets done daily and my house stays clean.
One day a week is my “deep clean” I wash all the bedding, couch blankets, rugs etc and clean out the fridge and wipe it down and clean out the cabinets (half empty boxes etc)
Cleaning daily really makes deep cleaning not take forever.
Staying on top of it requires a little more self control and time management but it’s worth it when you aren’t having to spend an entire day cleaning and catching up on laundry.

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I clean and do laundry every day before and after work so I don’t have to do so much on the weekends.

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Don’t want all day to do it, once everyone’s up and out of pjs put washing on, do dishes after every meal, dishes from snacks left until you do the dishes from a main meal (breakfast,lunch,dinner) do all other cleaning and vacuuming once a day so it’s quick and easy
If you work do everything once you get home before you sit down, that way you will get it done instead of not wanting to get back up and do it all. If you don’t work do it in the morning straight up that way you’re not leaving it til the afternoon and not feeling like doing it all

Do it EVERYDAY until you die :dizzy_face:

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Every other day full house clean and laundry

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Family of 7. 2 teenagers, 1 pre teen, I child and 1 toddler me and hubby. I wash dishes as I cook have lunches for school ready before kids get home when I get home from working at the school. As soon as they walk in they unpack bags I put lunch in lunch bags put in fridge. Throw laundry on while that’s going sweep floors and wash bathroom down. Flip laundry fold clothes as they dry in separate baskets for each child. They put clothes away. Tidy up when they go to bed and mop the floors. Then repeat this every day helps with keeping ahead. I also take supper out the night before so we know what’s being cooked.

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I do things as I go or it gets awful. N the toys I pick up on naps or after she’s asleep usually. Honestly a heaving wetting toddler and a husband that’s clothes usually smell like diesels and ass I wash every day. What I did was get the tall basket for the folding are and once they are full they go up to get put away and the one that goes up to get folded turns into the hamper lol.

I lay out clothes the night before as I am folding or whoever. N try to prepare myself appropriately

I also try to make sure the dishes and beds are done and made before I leave to drop my kiddo off.

Do it consistently :woman_shrugging:t2: I do dishes every day, laundry when it needs to be done, all the cleaning. And yes I have kids and a full time job. It’s just pushing yourself to do it consistently so you don’t get behind. This is assuming there aren’t emergencies and your mentally in a good state to do it. Take care of yourself and you can take care of the rest.

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Clean until you are dead :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I throw a load in the wash every morning, fold what’s in the dryer after dinner and throw that wash from the morning in the dryer. make time in the morning to put that folded load away out of the basket before throwing in a New wash and so on and so on