How do you keep up on housework?

Ok, mamas, I need help with a couple of things. First, how do you keep up on house work? Laundry is my biggest battle. And second, my three years is new to potty training and is doing great. He has no pee accidents but still has poop accidents. I don’t know if I would call them accidents because he knows when he is pooping. And he wakes up dry every morning. Just need a little advice because my older two never had poop accidents only pee accidents. So it’s a new game for me this time around.

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For laundry when i shower i like to just put clothes directly in the washer. I dont always do it lol. But it helps not have it everywhere like on floors etc.

The only way to keep up with laundry is to always be doing laundry. I’ve only managed it for 1 or 2 weeks consistently in my entire life. It’s exhausting.


I have found that if you ONLY do one load of laundry a day. And unless I get one folded and put away I’ll do another load. But I have to limit myself. Or else it becomes too overwhelming. Good luck!

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I’ve been a mother for 19 years and if you can figure out how to keep the house up and keep the kids healthy and happy and spend time with them you’re going to be a very wealthy woman because I’ve never met anyone who can do it 100% of the time.


Just do everything everyday. I make sure whatever dirty clothes get taken off go straight into the washing machine, dishes get done of a morning and night, I vaccum before I go to work and vaccum after myself and the kids come home of an afternoon, i mop the floors every 3 or 4 days depends on how dirty. I get massive anxiety when my house isn’t clean, it makes me feel sick. This Is how I do it hope this helps :slight_smile:


Although I have washer and dryer at home once a week (mostly Sundays) I load all dirty clothes in my car and I go to the laundromat. In 3 hours I wash, dry and fold everything (family of 6). I would probably go mad trying to do laundry at home

Maby reward him when he poops I know it sounds funny but I’ve potty trained 5 kids and my youngest daughter was 15 months old fully trained. Find something he really likes, I used mini m&ms each time they went pee or poop, and that would make them want to try every hour​:smile::woman_facepalming: but you could use something healthier if you choose.

I, too, put clothes directly into the washer and usually run at least a load everyday. The only clothes I put aside are whites so that they don’t get stained. Same with Dishwasher. I usually empty it out in the mornings and load throughout the day. And if you don’t have one then I guess just have your sink full of soapy water.
My kids have a pretty early bedtime at 6 pm (which is not easy to keep up) and when I know they’re down for sure that’s when I fix the living room/ kitchen area.

For laundry I am up usually at 5.30 to 6am every morning. Load on and hung out or in dryer before anyone else in the house gets up. As soon as one loads dry the next is ready and waiting to go in. Once the baskets full i fold it all and put it all away this is with a newborn and a 4year old plus 2 teenagers aged 16 and 14. Once there at school and my newborn is down again I clean the house always starting with the kitchen first, bedrooms then the lounge everything is done by 11am if not earlier. When my daughter was toilet training every shitty or pissy undies would get thrown straight into a bucket to soak. Then I would throw them in with my loads to wash. Once the kids are home. They chill make mess game and what not. Dinner dishes are always done by the older two and they know this is a nightly routine. Don’t get me wrong I do have days where I do absolutely nothing and let the house go !! But after a day im usually running around cleaning and picking stuff up cos I cant stand mess lol

I have to wear a certain color scrubs and I only have two pair so I’m forced to wash them every couple of days, so I’ll wash all my other clothes with them (most just sweats and T-shirt’s :sweat_smile:) and then my fiancé’s clothes are filthy from work so his clothes all get washed together a few times a week… and then my kids have a million clothes so I’ll do theirs like once every week/2 weeks… towels only get done when needed…

I can wash and dry clothes all day long, but folding is a whole other job :rofl: that gets done never.
On the pooping, try not to get upset with him. It is a boy thing both mine did it. One day it just clicks. I would say things like “oh man you missed the potty, let’s try to make it next time” it is hard and the laundry from that alone is horrible but he won’t do it forever!!

Dishes get done every night before bed…house gets swept, mopped, and toys picked up once every two to three days…laundry is done once every three days…put up day after do it. On top of that I clean a catbox every other day ,have an old dog that needs a bath every three days due to a skin condition, and clean a bird cage once a week and a turtle tank once a month. Every now and then I just take a day to myself and do nothing. Throw a frozen meal in the oven for dinner and just take a me day. Does the house stay perfect? Nope. You will run yourself ragged if try to keep it perfect with kids…especially even having one toddler in the house. Do what you can and take a chill day when possible so don’t break your back and lose your mind. I have a clean house for maybe two days before it looks like a toy burglary happened and gets dumpy again. Oh well. Lol.


Keep up? As in daily? Not going to happen lol as soon as i think all the laundry is done nope found more… I only find time for dishes as the kids nap and as for the rest it’s easier when kids go to bed i have a 2 year old that runs behind me dragging stuff out that i just put away so i gave up i have 4 kids total it’s not easy

Potty training wasn’t bad for my two oldest once they had a accident on thier self they didn’t like it so didn’t do it again also try character undies tell them not to pee or poop on elmo or whoever is on them worked for me anyways

As far as house being perfect forget it as long as you don’t have roaches or food all over the floor and walls ect I’d say your doing great you have kids people shouldn’t expect spotless all the time as long it’s it’s not nasty it’s fine

Cleaning wash in morning and night. Try too fold each day. Than try clean two room at a time. Like Tuesday and Thursday

I invested in a dryer. I put all my washing on at night and in dryer so dry for morning to be put away, I do sheets most days and towels every night and clothing for 2 adults and soon to be 3 young kids (3 under 4) I find that putting it on and as soon as it’s done to transfer to dryer and then fold and away the same day makes life easier. I am abit nuts though, my only advice is to get a dryer :joy:

The only way to keep up with washing is to literally wash dry and fold every day. I’ve never been able to do this though :joy:

Every time the laundry is 1/2 full i put it in the wash and do it. It’s easy to keep up on as long as you dont let it stock up. As for house work I clean as I go. I dont let things pile up. When my children are independently playing I do a chore. I also have my 19 month old help he knows how to pick up his toys and books. When he needs to be changed I tell him to take his diaper off and throw it in the garbage. He does this I then tell him to get a new diaper and bring it to me. He loves helping. Your 3 yr old can do chores as well. You can look up age appropriate chores for a 3 yr old. Children love to help. When you wash dishes put a chair next to you and have him rinse the dishes. I’m sure he can do it and will love to help you.