How do you keep your toddlers from touching your Christmas tree?

How do you keep your toddlers from taking ornaments off the tree? Last year all the ornaments were all over the house. I want to go ahead and put mine up, but we just may have a nakey tree this year.


Buy the plastic unbreakable ones with no glitter lmao we made that mistake last year. Otherwise try putting one or those baby gates around it. We have a big 6 sided baby gate that a tree will fit in going to try that this year

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Get a circle gate to put around it.

Only decorated half of tree thats what we do it what works for us

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Make them learn and understand the word NO… Our 3 year old understands not to touch the pretty tree, just look…


Freak out. Every. Single. Time


We bought one of these and it was super helpful!

Play yard… i got mine for $70 at walmart

I always just put my bulbs and ornaments above where they can reach. The tree would be like half decorated but oh well… it worked.

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Get your child a small tree with plastic ornaments. Let them reorganize all they want but big tree is off limits. It has worked for all my grandkids


I always from the start taught him NO touch! Them PRETTIES! an I stayed firm an consistent. He learned after a few weeks. An I was never mean, just FIRM.

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I put christmas stuffed toys on the bottom where they could reach and play with and redecorate the tree. They knew not to touch the ones above their “decorations”

Usually when I say “oh look at that!” And point to nowhere she will go check it out lmfao that keeps her busy for a while. Mines 16 months.

Baby gate/play yard and put anything important on top and plastic on bottom.

… I didn’t even think of this till now. Last year he was so little…

I feel like your gonna need this Allison Beichler

Put up baby gates/fencing or put the ornaments and decorations out of reach

I use a babygate disguised as a northpole gate around the tree. Protects the presents too

we used to only be able to decorate the top half lol

I see all of these parents saying only decorate half the tree or put a gate around it🤦🏼‍♀️. Teach your kids not to touch and the meaning of the word NO. It’s not that hard it’s called being a Parent! Stop being lazy.