How do you know if it's mastitis?

I nursed my DD while laying on my side. After we finished, I went about my day. Not too long afterwards, my right boob started hurting on the side. I chalked it up to maybe my bra, so I took it off. I ended up taking a nap, and now, my boob is in massive pain. I couldn’t even sit up without it hurting. Even without touching it, it’s nothing but massive pain. However, there is no lump as far as I can tell. I can’t really touch it without it hurting. My doctor won’t be in tomorrow. I’m not running a fever. Could it be mastitis? I do have the massive shivers as well. It’s literally just tear jerking pain.

Usually mastitis comes with flu like symptoms, You need to nurse or pump a lot on that side and massage while doing so. Also you can try dangle feeding.

It does sound like mastitis. This is exactly what happened to me

Yeah, I ended up having to stay overnight at the hospital for antibiotics. Baby has a lazy latch, so she can’t exactly nurse it out. So, it’s pumping every 2 hours, warm compresses and massaging. And I have to do antibiotics here at home. It was awful.