How do you know it's time to end a relationship?

I have been with my bf for about three years now, and we live in an apt with my three kids. I have two girls, 13 & 15, a little guy who is 8. well we started off great. He loved caring, a bit shy and quiet. He moved in with me because his dad moved out of state to move back in with his mom, and we felt it was just simpler That way. We each split the rent split the bills. However, we never talked about money savings any of that. Now almost three years in, things have changed. We hardly talk. He punishes my kids by taking their devices away when they have attitude or backtalk. He controls the internet. He only pays rent now doesn’t help me with bills or food. We go out, and I pay for dumb stuff like Starbucks or fast food. Or for cleaning supplies or personal hygiene like I pay all that. So IDK if the love has gone away, and now he’s just using me or what. Like I don’t feel like we are the same anymore. My mom says he’s controlling; he doesn’t say hi or bye when we visit my family. He follows me around when we are at my mom’s house. And he doesn’t talk. He just sits there and stares off… I don’t know what to do. please help

Sounds done to me. Give him the boot!