How do you know what formula to stock up on?

Hey mamas! I have a question for formula feeding moms! I will not be breastfeeding this time because I don’t want the worry of losing my supply as I did with my other two kiddos. The question is, how do you know what formula to get to stock up on? Do you just pick? Does the doctor pick at birth?


I wouldn’t stock up because a lot of babies have sensitivity to formula and every baby is different for what works for them


I picked similac advanced pro because the research I did said it was most like breast milk as far as nutrients and benefits to baby. My son took to it well so I stocked up. If he hadn’t taken well to it, then I would have tried others until I found one he did well on (no spit up, no gas, etc) and then stocked up on that.

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You probably don’t want to because formula isn’t returnable and if baby has a sensitivity to the formula you bought, you’re kinda screwed.


My son is on nutramigen due to allergies so I would hold off until you know how your little one is going to do. Each baby is different. If you wanna stockpile it just buy gift cards here and there for about $40-$60 each for formula and put it aside for when you know.


Yes you can just pick, but sometimes babies have sensitive tummies and you might have to switch , or allergies. So I personally wouldnt stock up until you’ve found the one your baby will continue to use


I just picked what formula to go on. I started with similac alimentum (cans then powder after baby is a few months old). But then had to switch to low iron after my baby was having a hard time with bowel movements. It depends on what works for the baby as they may have sensitivities you dont know about yet.


I just picked what I felt I wanted to put my little boy on. I wouldn’t stock up in case it doesn’t suit the baby. Maybe just buy two tins to start. If baby is happy then stick with it :ok_hand:t2:

I wouldn’t stock up until you know what they’ll take and what works for them. Luckily my son did great on what the hospital provided, similac advance, and he was on it the whole time. But from what I’ve been told it’s rare that kids don’t go through a few to find what works for them.

I wouldn’t suggest stocking up because you never know which one will work for them.

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You can pick. Some babies may have a sensitive tummy and you’ll have to switch. I asked the doctor about parents choice because it’s literally identical to Similac and he said that was a good brand. So we did the parents choice sensitive.

You pick which ever one you want. You won’t know if baby needs a certain one until they are born so I wouldn’t stock up to much, a doctor only picks if they think they have any allergies x

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The hospital I gave birth at gave out similac total comfort and my son never had a problem with it so I always got extra containers of that and used that the whole time but many of my friends used enfamil gentlease and also loved that one the whole time they fed their babies formula!

Don’t stock up… you might have to try 1 or 2 different ones to see which your baby likes/agrees with…

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I prefer Gerber soothe it’s good for tummies but if they have a milk allergy it won’t work

Stock up on gift cards instead of formula. That way you know you have the money for the formula and once baby gets here you can see what kind works for you and then stock up on that brand.


My son was on one formula in nicu when he become sick on it so had to change it then that one he had reflux on and had to change again the final one was fine though. Don’t stock up you work out yourself what formula you would like your baby to have. If the formula agrees with baby then that’s the one you keep with if not you keep swapping until you find the perfect one that goes with your child’s needs.

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When you have the baby , if the hospital offers formula try theirs and if she/he doesn’t have problems then I’d get that one! I did that with my girls :slightly_smiling_face:

I wouldn’t stock up, my little guy ended up on an amino acid formula that the pharmacy had to special order for us.

I did stock up with my second baby. Thankfukly I didn’t have to switch. Thankfully as long as the seals aren’t broken on the formula most stores will take them back if you tell them its the wrong kind