How do you know when it's time to end a relationship?

Okay… so me and my husband don’t get along anymore. We’ve tried everything we know to do to make things work, they just won’t.
Anyways, we decided we would file a no-fault divorce, and I told him he could have the house I just wanted full custody of our daughter, child support, and transportation.
He told me he wasn’t going to pay for me a vehicle and that he doesn’t have to “provide” for me. I thought if I came into the marriage with a vehicle then I have to leave with one? I’m currently unemployed and looking for a job, but I just wanted to get you guys opinions on this. And he works 2 jobs but barely makes anything.


Then dont agree to give him the house. Dont make it a no fault.


Y’all don’t get along, ok, that’s one thing. Is he a good father? If so, is there a specific reason you want full custody and child support? Why can’t you do split custody and you get a job?


Why do you want full custody, it’s his daughter too


I would be curious to why your wanting sole custody?
Maybe work together so he can help while you work


do split custody, fair is fair… especially if it doesnt have anything to do with your daughter?
that just seems controlling to me.
you two should sit with a mediator and go over things before they get too messy


Different states…different laws… but with a divorce I don’t see you getting sole custody unless he has done something to harm the child…


If the relationship is not physically abusive. You need to get a job and save your money first. It is not easy starting from scratch and paying attorneys and dealing with the trauma of it all.


No fault no support. Share custody equally and everyone fend for themselves. Sounds like you are looking to profit out of this marriage ending.

No job, no car and no home? You won’t get custody so better rethink that one.


I’m sorry but why on Earth do you get a child you both made with full custody? Has he hurt you or the child?

Sounds like your being greedy :woman_shrugging:t3:,sorry.


Ok so dont let him have the house…the house is owned by both of you…he gets a cut of the money when the house sells and so do you…buy your own car with the money you get from the house…if he does not want to sell the house he is legally obligated to buy you out


If u guys are getting divorced he doesn’t have to provide for you period. Only one he would need to provide things for is HIS daughter. Only way u could take a vehicle is if it’s under ur name


So you want full custody, child support and him to pay for your transportation?


If your unemployed and he can care for them why on Earth should you take them full time and expect him to pay you for it and provide you a vehicle :rofl::rofl: clearly first world problems here


Tell him u can go to court and they will screw him harder

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Is he a good dad? If so, then that’s straight up wrong to use your kid as a pawn just to get full custody. Idc what anyone says. If he’s a good dad then he deserves 50/50 custody. And in marriage, stuff is split 50/50. If I understand right, if there’s 1 car, it’s not automatically yours because you had a car when you entered the marriage. If you don’t agree then he can buy you out of your half of the car or vise versa. Don’t use your damn kid as pawn though if he’s a good dad. That’s just being a shitty mom. If you do use your kid as a pawn then I yope your kid.grows up despising you :woman_shrugging:

So he is more worried about giving u the car than full custody of the child?? He has no right to take everything. Laws in states are different though. You should if the laws are right be entitled to half of everything. If all u want is the car then he should be cheering. I do think unless he doesn’t want custody or the responsibility of the child then u should go for full custody if not 50/50 is fair.


It sounds fair to me. They’re gonna make him pay child support if you get custody. I would ask the judge for what you want out of the divorce. Get a divorce lawyer, or an advocate.

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Well you’re being greedy asking for full custody that’s his child to you do 50/50 and it depends on how many years you’ve been married each state has different laws for example my state you have to be married for 5 years to get anything like that